Let’s say someone has 2 RTD Huels a day plus an evening meal of ‘meat and two veg’.

Looking at the contents of the Huel RTD, wouldn’t they be overconsuming certain vitamins and:

wouldn’t that be dangerous?

(the URL for the daily mail is very misleading - it’s nothing about aspirin)

Well everything about the Daily Mail is misleading so I won’t be clicking on it. Is is a story about St George’s Day and flag waving?

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No. If it was I would not have asked about the overconsumption of certain vitamins and then linked to the Daily Mail article.
“She said that most people don’t need to take vitamins because they get enough from food and elsewhere. This means many people may be popping them unnecessarily, risking an overdose. Because the supplements market is not well regulated, many pills available also tend to contain too much of a nutrient. ‘Supplements [can] increase [the] risk of cancer because [of] high dose supplements, over 200 percent of daily value,’ she warned. Large doses of supplements like Vitamin B3 have been linked to a higher risk of cancer in the brain, while others — like Vitamin C and E — have been linked to more rapid growth in tumors”

That’s the relevance.

Don’t believe everything you read. Especially in the Daily Mail.
Your own research elsewhere should quickly reveal this to be fear-mongering and unnecessary.

Two RTDs and a normal meal sounds healthy, unless that normal meal is somehow excessive and/or hazardous. The inclusion of meat is the item of most concern, accompanying vegetables won’t be an issue.

tho’ will also depend on quantity…!. :crazy_face:

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The Daily Hate Mail - ftfy

I wouldn’t read that racist, fear-mongering sh*te-rag if you paid me in Huel Granola…


Generally speaking, in terms of vitamin and mineral consumption if someone wanted to consume 2 RTD and an evening meal would be okay! We conduct a series of tests on all our products to determine the bioavailability, shelf life and denaturing of vitamins. For example, the amount of vitamin C in Huel RTD is a bit higher than some of the other vitamins, and this is carefully calculated to compensate for any denaturing or nutrient loss, and to ensure that you are getting enough nutrients to meet your needs.


Generally speaking, wouldn’t you need to consume an absurd amount of a vitamin to overdose/reach a dangerous level? For instance, daily upper limit of Vit C is 2000mg. One RTD bottle (500ml) has 220mg. I don’t even know how you can reach 2k…But then again, I didn’t run the numbers for all the vitamins/minerals. Just to be clear, overconsume =/= overdose/consume a level that warrants concern.

That’s correct most of the research tends shows that the only vitamin supplement worth taking is a good quality general multivitamin.

Everything else is just marketing unless there’s a specific need or a doctor prescribes it.

It’s quite hard to hit the upper limits dangerously, excess passes straight through you and often the bioavailability of vitamin supplements is such that you’re body can’t actually make use of the full amount anyway.

Ever notice your wee colour after a berroca? That’s all the b vitamins you’re body didn’t want/use.

There’s a great podcast about this by Science Vs.

(Note: not a doctor, just repeating what I’ve heard)