Huel with Centrum nultivitamins

For the past month I’ve been taking Centrum on top of my 2/3 huel diet. Is there a chance I could be overdosing on some of the vitamins and minerals? I know some of them you shouldn’t really overtake, but not sure which.

I take Centrum the days I have 0 huel, I wouldn’t do it the way you do it. Not sure all the kinds of high doses you can have but there’s plenty of overlaps. I’d rather have 2/3rds of the vitamins and minerals and leave the rest of the nutrients to the other meal. I don’t think is likely that you see a short term effect but doing this over a long term period sounds dangerous…

A programme on BBC, stated that multivits were a waste of time. Here is the link on player

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There doesn’t seem to be much need to take further vitamins on top of Huel. Huel is packed full of them and then you will be eating more in the other 1/3 of your day!

Thanks Tim for your reply, I did think it was a little redundant.

That programme seems not very objective in lots of ways, ignoring quite some factors. I think for the general population is well addressed, however there’s cases where taking vitamins in pills is quite desirable depending on your diet. e.g. vegan diet requires b12 supplements.
I’ve got blood tests and gp recommendations proving they do affect your vitamin levels. I’m struggling to find out why would they say otherwise. Sounds a bit like the sensationalist media making a big fuss about very simple studies with no counter-studies, which mean very little. Not an expert myself but I do have personal experience stating the opposite of what they say.
It just depends on your diet, of course that woman in there eats really well anyway so additional vitamins is like overdosing for no reason. But that doesn’t apply to everyone.
I believe is more attractive to viewers if they exaggerate everything, I’ve even seen shows in the bbc praising to great extent the same food they are telling you is worthless in there. I think what they mean to say is most people would be fine without all this stuff. However aside from the obvious points they make I think they may go a bit off track into the extremes to make it appear as if everything people eat is just fine, but I don’t think that’s quite so true.