Are we supposed to drop supplements?

I’m not talking about prescribed drugs but things like Vitamin that some people take supplements for. If Huel has everything, I don’t want to overdoes on any nutrients. Thoughts?

If you’re eating 100% Huel and you’re eating your required amount of calories, you don’t need a supplement (unless your doc says otherwise).

If you’re eating 50% Huel then it depends what the other 50% of your diet is. Personally when I was losing weight, and only eating 1000 calories of Huel per day, I took a multivitamin once every two days just as a “top up”.


If you are very active for example training at or near maximal levels I would reccomend supplements. This is because training at these levels may be interpreted by the body as a stressor and disrupt negativly your immune system.

Taking general multivitamins for example Centrum Mens will not neccessarily cause harm unless you are consuming excess Iron or some of the other metals or if you have liver or kidney issues. Personal physiologies differ so it is about doing what is best for you.