Warm Huel ideas

Hi everyone,

How do people best warm up their Huel shakes and what do people suggest/ good flavour combos for warm Huel?

Winter weather calls for a warm Huel shake as well as hot and savoury!

Heating interferes with the micronutrients, they might get broken down. But if you add cold water, Huel and a hot drink at the end it should not be that bad. Maximal total temperature should at least not exceed 30-40°C.

the team have already responded to these issues

they also accounted for this with the Hot and Savory products

I refered to the regular powder, and here the instability of some micronutrients does seem to be a problem. Boiling water could also increase the tendency to form lumps. And I would definitely worry about the less stable micronutrients like vitamin c.

James’s response is referring to cooking with powder