The biggest and best Huel launch ever... Huel Hot & Savoury

I keep seeing poor @David’s crumpled face. He will be gutted to have given such offence. Please don’t do anything silly, David. Like self-flaggelation with a string of knotted hankies.

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Or comfort eat 10 huel bars in a day…


The ones without a pot are the lucky ones. I hope and pray that Huel is scrambling to redesign their travesty of a pot lid before they foist them on any more unwitting customers. That lettering being several millimetres too far to the left is an image I will take to my grave.

The solution is probably very complicated, like, I don’t know, inserting a space before the H so that when you centre the logo it looks balanced. But a space is probably wider than an ®, which would cause the logo to be even less central, and on the right. That’s a frightening thought.

The alternative is to use this logo whenever centre-justified text is required. Huel, you can have this for free.

All I ask is that in the future, you run any graphic designs past me before you deploy them.


Gotta love those big mugs.

@Dan_Huel, probably asked before, so apologies in advance, but how does the heating process affect the nutrients?

Update on my earlier fairly positive experience with the tomato & herb, having now made a few more meals with both flavours:

  • The Thai is spot on: more dialled-in I’d say that the T&H.
  • T&H can easily be significantly improved by a good dash of sriracha, or similar.
  • For those having texture issues: “cooking” time is key — I find that it becomes much thicker if you leave it to soak a little longer.

On a side note, if you like a thicker texture, have you ever thrown a Pot Noodle & water in a flask and left it for a long time while you, say, go on a hike? Mega. Goes super thick.

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There will be some degradation of the more sensitive micronutrients e.g. vitamin C and folate but we’ve accounted for this in our formulations. We’ve also run lab tests of microwaved and boiled water samples vs a cold water standard.


Expected something like that. Just checking. Thanks for the info!

Using cold water up to the line, how long to microwave in 850W oven?

kettle > microwave

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Cool. (Or Hot, I guess). Just seen this so thought I’d log in and add some bags to my existing 10 week subscription of powder. 3 bags would be okay if I had a Hot & Savoury every 3 or 4 days so that’d do me for 10 weeks. Don’t think I’d want it every day as I enjoy cooking normal meals in the evening, but it would be nice to have some extra grub in the cupboard, so the minimum 3 bag subscription would probably last my normal 10 week subscription period.
Er… How do I do this? There isn’t an option to add it in the Edit Subscriptions section as far as I can tell, and the option to create a new subscription from the product page only goes to 8 weeks. Seems a bit backward. Maybe there’s an option I’ve overlooked? Am I missing something? Please call me a plonker if I am!!
Surely, it’d make sense to be able to combine with existing subscriptions to keep everything in a single delivery - Not really interested unless I can combine the deliveries (it’s a pain in the arse keeping track of deliveries already before adding yet another one)

At the pictures it looks weird…not like a shake. And it’s not sweet…that means it is no real meal replacement like I know it…so I’m definitely not interested. Hot and Sweet would be a good idea, though…just without solid stuff…

It’s not a shake, it’s a textured meal replacement though. I don’t think there is really anything to properly compare it to - nothing else on the market (correct me if I’m wrong) gives a textured 400 calorie meal with full balanced nutrition.

I actually have mixed views on the textured element, I live on 100% huel for 4 weeks out of every 6 and whilst it’s perfectly doable I do sometimes miss that feeling of chewing on something substantial and hot. Yes we do have the bars but they don’t quite scratch that itch.

For what it’s worth, and your mileage may vary, but I’ve always found even “real” Thai curries to be quite sweet as well as hot. So for me this TGC hot&savoury works in the same way.

Maybe you could petition for a Hot & Savoury sweet and sour flavour? :man_shrugging:

I haven’t tried my new meals yet. I’m thinking of buying a insulated soup mug so I can make it and take it with me outdoors. I’m wondering how long it is safe to keep for this way? If it stays hot in an insulated mug? eg thermos

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@Littlehueligan Not sure that would work because the ingredients kinda absorb more water over time so you might end up with some kind of weird sludge. Maybe someone like @Dan_Huel can provide an official response.

A possible workaround would be to take hot water in a flask and carry the H&S mix in a ziplock bag to add when you’re ready, but not sure how the ingredients react to non boiling water.

This stuff looks to be awesome for camping though but not sure I’d try to take it premade for my aforementioned reasons…

Welcome by the way. :grinning:

Hi, Thank you for welcome and the reply. I think your probably right about not pre making it to eat later. Good idea to just take it separately though. We’ll see what @Dan_Huel thinks :+1:

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Yeap Matt is right. It’s more of a quality issue than a safety issue so best to make H&S as and when you need it.

With “Hot and Sweet” I meant hot shakes. Of course you can add hot water to v3 or Black Edition, but then you get clumps, it’s not as smooth as it gets with cold water. Thought the Huel team might invent something that also mixes well with hot water…I am only interested in smooth shakes, and it really is important to me that it is not textured or grainy.

invest in a very high speed multi blade blender then - the friction generated when mixing thicker liquids warms them up fast - and makes them RTD smooth.

For those who have tried, how big is the preparation, let’s say for 700 kcal?
What recipient do you use (if not the Huel pot)?
Do you think that this 500 ml Chilly’s Food Pots would be OK?

Or perhaps will I need a bigger pot, for 700 kcal?
Thank you very much, hueligans, for your wise opinions!
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You heard it…the best thing would be to use a mixer. It’s just bad if you cannot always prepare the shakes in advance or if you are travelling and only have access to a shaker.

How much water you want to use for 700 kcal depends on the thickness you want to have. But I think 100 ml for 100 kcal is a good choice, so you would need 700ml. Theoretically this should still be possible in the normal Huel shaker - add 500ml water, then the powder, shake and then add the remaining 200ml. But of course you can also use another shaker or bottle.