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All reviews look amazing tbf but a lot talk about weight loss… But i want to use Huel for weight gain, as in 5 huel meals a day, with extra fruits and nuts etc…
Im also type 2 diabetic and also have heart diesese from a heart attck 6 years ago aged 30. Im 10 stone but with high bmi.
With a full training plan in place along side huel. Would it be safe for me to consume a full 5 meals a day?
Appreciate any advice

This is a study where people only ate huel. Seems healthy enough. There are also a lot of people on the forum that have had mostly/only huel, and they seem fine.

You mentioned weight gain. People in the study lost weight, but I see no reason why you couldn’t gain if you just made an effort to have more huel, or the mentioned fruit and nuts in a high enough quantity.
I am guessing if you have a high BMI at 10 stone you are below average height, and so have a below average need for maintenance calories? You may well find 5 meals of huel alone enough to gain weight, certainly adding in fruit and nuts you should be fine.

Obviously it’s your choice to do this idea of yours, but I’d get medical advice first if you are looking to gain weight while having a high BMI, being type 2 diabetic, and having a previous heart attack/heart disease.

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Hey @Wattz09 as Mike has said it is possible to have 5 meals of Huel a day, we have an article to help you understand how Huel can be used for weight gain. I’d recommend slowly introducing Huel into your diet and seeing how you do with 1-2 Huel meals a day first as this may be more sustainable for you.

Again, I agree with Mike that because of your condition it’s best to speak to your GP or dietitian to make sure you’re following the right diet for you.