Weight loss for me

Hi I’m new to all this and want to know before I buy is it good for weight loss and is it cost affective plz x

Hannah, it’s good for temporary weight loss. That is, you’ll easily lose weight while you use it, and then you’ll easily regain it when you go back to old eating habits. You can’t really stay on Huel for long term because it’s too much boring and it’s also not the best for health either. It’s just enough for survival.

The main selling point of this product is to save time because it doesn’t require cooking. If you want maximum health and you have some time to spend on cooking, then focus primarily on whole plant food. Two books on the relation between diet and health that I liked much are “The starch solution” and “How not to die”.

Have too many scoops and you put on weight.
There is no magic bullet for weight loss aside from sticking to your calorie intake which you should figure out before buying into something and these figures are personal to YOU, your height, weight, etc. Huel is more of a convenience food. I’m personally addicted to Huel though! I get jittery if I don’t have my shakes every day.

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For how long you have been using? First few weeks it’s good, then the addiction will pass, don’t worry. :slight_smile: That’s why it’s effective for weight loss, hehe. :smiley: That is, effective for as long as you can stick to it.

Calorie counting is misleading because what matters is the caloric balance (caloric intake minus caloric expenditure) and what you eat will influence BOTH intake and expenditure. If food makes you tired and hungry, you’ll simply exercise less and eat more. There is no way to escape the consequences of what you eat.