Weird Huel advertising

Spotted this, which seemed odd. Got me wondering what other weird and wonderful Huel advertising is out there…

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I reckon that’s a custom cabinet Huel ordered for their office. Bitcade are using it as an example of what they offer.

I wonder what games they have on it. There’s a 2x3 button layout so it’s good for fighting games, but it also has a pair of light guns.

pretty much. (pretty weird that Activision needed outside help though)

all of them - you can specify them with 9000 preloaded games.

That’s interesting. Usually these kinds of things leave you to source your own ROMs.

Why on earth do we not have this in HQ!

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It’s in that room you’re not allowed in. And it’s the least awesome thing in there!


This sounds like the plot of a mediocre movie that I would love.

Yeah, suppose it’s pretty simple. I do wonder what kind of event (that we weren’t invited to :frowning: ) this was used at.

I’d investigate STAT @Charlotte_Huel, that can’t have been binned, someone deffo has an office full of treasure.

The investigation has been cut short, its in our Birmingham office :sob:

Complaint’s in with HR I take it? :laughing:

Too right :sunglasses: