Is the R&D team working on this Huel feature?

When is this going to be available? :smirk:

When I saw that video I wondered if this topic is on the horizon of Huel


Huel that mixes in half a second? Oh my, imagine. For now, RTD is as close as you’ll get!


To be fair that’s a pretty limp shake as well :wink:

Surely it’s a powerful shake, to mix everything so quickly. There must be forces at work we can’t even comprehend.

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Hmm. The question is, whose hand is that doing the shaking?

It’s gotta be Thor or something.

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Probably @JamesCollier :muscle:


No, it’s not that powerful. The sonic boom would knock the camera over.


15G at least

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Guys it’s obviously The Flash. It looks to a human eye as if it is just one shake but actually it’s about 500 shakes done so fast we cannot perceive it correctly.

Comic book amateurs, sigh.


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On topic, that’s definitely someone The Flash would punch 500 times in one second.

Yeah I presume you caught it before I hid it? Anyway let’s not give oxygen to this topic, happy to chat over message if you disagree with my call tho.

Yeah, just didn’t know who else had caught it (two of us have to flag to make it go poof) so had to make a post. Good work fella, and you are right.

Oh duh I knew that. But like, who else is dumb enough to stay up this late just so he can call his friend the moment the date changes and wish her happy birthday lol (we do this every year)…

Aww that’s adorable. I’m up because I just beat Sekiro and I’m full of adrenaline.

I had a marathon session on Anthem - dragging my noob mates through grandmaster level missions to help them gear and level up quickly.

Definitely owed a lot of pints for that.

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It also gets darker after “shaking” - does that mean that it can also switch flavours, depending on how long you shake?

Thank you @David and @Talort for flagging that post, I really appreciate it.

I heard that JC has to get other people to shake his Huel for him because he keeps cracking the shaker.

edit: oh no he’s here, run!


Half a second?! That’s like an eternity… I shake mine in less than an eighth of a second, and that’s on a bad day. :wink:


No worries, that’s why we get paid the big bucks, right?


Err where’d he go?

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