What are your next plans?

Now there has been also a Huel Wear Sale in Germany - are you going to discontinue the clothing line? Or make tremenduous changes?

Are there plans for any new products and/or flavours, and if yes when?

And what about price increases or formula “updates”?

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Huel wear is dead as a dodo

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Price is planned to increase of course because people will still keep on buying Huel despite it.

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Price increases will depend on a lot of internal and external factors – last year, their EBITA profit margin was 5.3% and they said their target was to maintain it at around the 5% mark. That’s fairly good for their sector but pretty low compared generally. I don’t think a 5% margin is excessive by any metric given that the packaged foods market EBITA averages out at 10%.

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For now, we’ll be popping any Huelwear restocks on pause and instead, we’ll be focusing on creating quality nutritionally complete products!

New products and flavours are always an interesting conversation. We could be working on 10000’s of things or we could be working on nothing…we just like keeping you in suspense. Anything in particular you’d like?

As for price increase, this is not something we would actively look at introducing or plan to introduce however sometimes things outside your control can impact things. Be sure if this ever were to happen we would make sure that there was sufficient justification and reasoning to why :raised_hands:


How do you handle returns on clothing? Read the AGB and there it says an “unopened” package is a prerequisite for returns, which is a bit difficult for clothing that I can’t be sure will fit beforehand.
It also says sending pack you need to pay for shipping?

Just making sure I get this right before ordering, because I love the Huel brand and it’s unfortunate but understandable that you’re discontinuing the merch.

We do look at a lot of cases on a case-by-case basis. You can find all the returns information right here - Returns Policy – Huel

If you run into issue just reach out to us right away and we’ll look into all your problems and get it resolved asap for you :heart:


thanks for the quick response!

I’ll order some and then report back in case I run into any issues, so far Huel support has always been a great experience!

Reminds me of this I saw today

Bearing in mind that UK distance selling regulations means that Huel has to give you 14 days (minimum) to return an item that doesn’t fit even if it isn’t faulty so they are giving you twice that.

Oh my…too soon? :joy: