Next Item Discontinued?

My guess is this forum.
The response rate of Huel staff seems to have dropped to almost zero.
I think they don’t need a “vanguard” anymore

Hey Jeff what can I help you with?


This is my new favourite thread. :joy:


Doubt they’ll get rid of the forum. It’s another method of customer support, and continuous feedback (criticism, suggestions, reviews, use cases). Absolutely recovers a lot more than it costs. Every company / brand should have one.

Never not had support or input from Huel on my threads here, even when not asking for it. Great asset to the brand and part of what I enjoy about using the products is knowing I can reach out on here for any and everything.

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Probably the Huelwear range. They’re practically paying you to take it off their hands so they can shut the warehouse.

I don’t know why they didn’t announce the huge sale on here, instead of you having to do it. This forum is the place where people who want to wear food-branded clothing hang out. When I bought my discounted McCain Micro Chips mankini they promoted it on their McCain McMegafans forum.


When you wear it out in the sun, do you look like a skinny fry or a chunky chip?


Like a skinny fry that swallowed a baked potato.