What happened to vanilla flavour boost?

It doesn’t appear to be on website Uk, did I miss its demise? I liked to add some to all the flavours now n again.

Ah I’m so sorry Jay, you have missed the end of Vanilla FB. We discontinued it in February this year because it wasn’t very popular. We emailed all the subscribers about it, but there were very little of them. I’m so sorry. If the reason for you wanting our Vanilla FB was to add to unflavoured to avoid artificial sweeteners then be sure to check out Black Edition Vanilla! :raised_hands:

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… I don’t read all the emails. I only added a touch to add a little something once in a while, or extra vanilla to the vanilla.
This happened to me with granola too. Luckily I think I’m only married to salted caramel black now.
Don’t be getting ideas, mutiny and mayhem would follow if you cancelled that!

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I dread to think what chaos would ensue here, on our emails and on twitter if we did such a thing. We’re not cancelling Salted Caramel anytime soon.

Sorry again about the Vanilla FB, perhaps there are some other Vanilla flavourings out there which you can add in?

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A few drops of vanilla extract works just as well!