Flavour boosters

Ok so first time posting and I’m new to all this in general only being 5 days into my journey.

So, to the point. I have started with the Black Edition and my first order was Vanilla and Banana. Possibly prefer the banana but overall impressed with this stuff and the fact that it actually seems to taste ok. There’s an odd aftertaste with the vanilla but i’ll get used to it I am sure.

So, boosters then. Here’s the question…

Does the banana booster mixed in with U/U (or vanilla) taste the same as the regular banana?

And since variety is the spice of life (and I will get bored with the same flavours all the time) is it best to mix with the U/U or use the vanilla?

Now I haven’t tried the U/U so I cannot compare it to vanilla but I get them impression that it’s basically liquid beige. Would that be right? Maybe a bit more oaty.

Next question will be about shakers probably…

If you mix the booster with the unflavoured powder you need the double amount. The reason why people use the flavour boosters instead of the premix usually is to have a sucralose-free product, as the boosters use a different sweetener. Whether you can taste a difference depends on the sensitivity of your taste buds, and these differences are very individual. I would suggest that you try both and see what suits you better. The unflavoured powder has the advantage that you can add some savoury flavour, too - if you like that.

Hey @Fibblesnork! Great to have you hear. Good questions, let me share my tuppence.

Best to use the Vanilla as your base for the the Flavour Boosts if you want the best taste. The formulas for the Flavour Boosts have been optimised for Vanilla. However as @mbs says, you can use the Flavour Boosts with Unflavoured but just need more. Best thing to do if you do get Unflavoured is to make a one scoop serving of Unflavoured and then add one sample sachet of flavour. You might find you want more on top of that too and that’s where the full packs come in

Haha this made me chuckle. Yes the Unflavoured is bland for sure. Earthy is probably the word to describe it. It’s not for me, but plenty of Hueligans love it and the flexibility it offers. However if you want neutral sweet, then Vanilla or Original is probably best for you.