What is the best way to replace unhealthy snacks?

So I’ve tried Huel a few months back and I liked the taste and the product but wasn’t ready at all to replace real good food, so I would drink some in the morning and have a light dinner and a shake of Huel. In the end, after finishing my two bags, I got worried I was eating more calories by adding Huel to my diet than without (and actually spending more money…) and I stopped, for the best.
Fast forward a few months later. I’ve become a happy dad and my diet has become absolute nonsense. Since I don’t sleep much these days, I’ve become totally addicted to sweet snacks, mostly chocolate, but not only, and I eat A TON of crap every evenings/nights.
The amount of bad things I’m eating these days has started to worry me. It’s scary.
I have a fast metabolism so I’m not fat but I can see my face getting rounder and the dad bod shaping up.

So I have decided to give Huel another shot and I am waiting for my order to arrive. I would need advices on how I should use Huel to successfully replace unhealthy ultrafat/hypersweet snacks and suppress cravings. I just don’t want to replace a chocolate bar by 900 calories of Huel, nor eat Huel AND the chocolate, if you know what I mean :wink:

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When you’re hungry, have some Huel. Then surely you won’t get a craving for any junk food. Best not to have that kind of “food” around anyway. It’s extremely unlikely that you would be having 900 calories worth of Huel in one go.

Based on my experience so far (a few weeks on Huel) I have found myself I am craving those kind of foods much less which is good news as like you I craved them and I could eat a whole family’s worth in a sitting! One thing I’ve found that does help: buy grapes and keep them in the fridge - they are sweet and help with sugar cravings for me

My sweet tooth is handled by making smoothie bowls - frozen fruit, a little water/milk and blending ( a little so its a really thick mikxture that you need to eat with a spoon) , I sometimes add a scoop of Huel too and top with things like huel granola/ cacao nips/ goji berries. Tastes amazing and I feel like I’ve eaten something naughty :smiley:

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Replacing bad food with Huel will always better, no matter if the calorie intake is the same, that’s for sure.

I’ll try the grapes trick. I know myself though, i’ll eat all the grapes immediately :slight_smile: