Ideas on improving my diet

Hi All,

I’ve now completed my first month on what is now my huel and health journey.

My intention was a black edition shake in the morning as I consistently skip breakfast (have never been a morning eater). However, after seeing immediate results in my energy in the late afternoon I quickly moved on to a BE shake in the morning and a sweet and savoury or a katsu curry pot for lunch too.

I never actually started with any intention of losing weight, but i did want to improve my diet as i was skipping breakfast, then gorging on fast food for lunch and it was resulting in a pot belly, poor and inconsistent energy levels, bad skin and a horrible mood. Most of which i never even realised until i made this change and things have improved so quickly!

Anyhow, as a result, i did begin to loose weight, and quite quickly in the beginning. In the first 2 weeks i lost around 2KG and then stayed pretty consistent. my waistline has slimmed which is the main thing. Im not really concerned on actual weight.

Once thing in have noticed though is that i am still craving food, especially chocolate and sweets, although i have been chocolate and sweet free ENTIRELY for 3 weeks.

I’m still getting hunger pangs and its only then that my brain begins to crave the bad stuff, although i haven’t caved in. I would of thought that by now, those cravings would of subsided but i think the issue is that i don’t have any idea on what to replace it with.

I have been aiming for 1600 calories a day. essentially that’s a BE shake in the morning, and a 400 calorie Huel lunch, then a 200 calorie snack when i get in then the remainder on dinner but i don’t know what i can have as that 200 calorie snack.

Any pointers for good healthy snacks would be much appreciated!

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Craving a chocolate treat and needing a healthy 200kc snack? I think Huel may have just the thing. :wink:

Im sure they do, and on my next order itll be going on. But from what ive read, 2 huel meals a day should be the maximum, or somethjng like that so im just trying to find out what options i have.

Its probably really simple for some people but ive literally spent all of my life reaching for chocloate, crisps, sugary yoghurts and other ‘bad’ stuff that apart from grabbing a peice of fruit or a handful of nuts(which doesnt tend to take away the hunger cravings) i dont really know what to grab.

Ive googled it a couple of times and everything comes up with 5 mins to prepare… im not talking about preparing stuff, im thinking grab and go.

Does that make sense?

I don’t think there’s any reason not to grab a Huel bar when you want a snack. There are folks who live on Huel 100%, there’s no two-meal limit.

But if you don’t want another hit of Huel, aNd you want something to filL you up: porridge is good. No prep time if you soak the oats in the fridge, just ‘grab and go’. Add roasted peanuts for a salty crunch, or whatever you like.

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Yeah my go to recently has been low fat natural yoghurt with bran flakes and fruit and nuts or weetabix with strawberries and raspberries. They have been lovely but I’m getting a bit bored of eating the same things over and over.

Also, things like that are all well and good when I am at home but as a busy jobbing electrician sometimes you need things just like the huel bars. So really I’m looking for recommendations for things like a huel chocolate bar.

Filling and yummy, comes in a packet with bsolutely zero preparation time and here’s the kicker… healthy

Fruit are a great snack. Sounds boring and i you get some really good ripe in season fruit, it can be really yummy.
Soaked oats as mentioned is great too. Add some frozen fruits and you’ve got extra fruit and something really tasty.

All that said, I tend not to sweat it too much. allow myself a little bit of snacking as long as I don’t binge (which can happen too lol)


Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

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The hunger pangs I completely get! One thing i’d recommend is making sure you’re drinking enough throughout the day. Sometimes I find with the cravings…I actually just want some hydration :rofl:

As for a snack of course I’m going to recommend The Huel bars, 200 calories of deliciousness what more could you want! However, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t give you alternatives.

Fruit is always a solid option however my go-to especially when I’m home is home-roasted chickpeas. Super simple and super filling!

it’s a slam dunk. :rofl:

Great suggestion, and mighty moreish.

Just had some of these yesterday, very tasty :yum:

Did we just become best friends? :rofl:

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Oh for sure!

I did dark Chocolate covered ones for the week before…I ate them all that evening.

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Annoyingly i have an intolerance to chickpea :unamused:

Toasted peanut butter and banana sandwich?

I eat this but skip the toast.
Mashed peanut butter and banana is the best

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I’ve only made savoury ones at home. But I have bought some.chocolate.covered ones from a company called something like “my sweet chickpea”.

It sounds as if you were caught in a “dopamine trap”. This is a problem that is related to all aspects of life, not only food.
Some go “cold turkey”, some practice mindfulness, and there are tons of books on how to do “dopamine detox”.
The only important thing is that you don’t replace one addiction with another.

Regarding the snack you could have another shake, made with just 1 instead of 2 scoops.
Do you live on Huel products only?

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You couldn’t write it! Sorry about this.

Fruit is a solid option. Before chickpeas, I became a little obsessed with berries and I ate them as much as I could :rofl:

Viol(en)t Consequences :slight_smile: