What to do

Hey. I’m new to all this and basically wanted some advice on where to start really?

Welcome :slight_smile:

You need to give us a bit more information about you. Have you already ordered some Huel or are you looking for help with what to order? Are you interested in the (make your own) powder shakes, the snack bars, the ready to drink or the hot and savoury?

What are you trying to achieve? Are you trying to replace one meal a day, or two, or more? Are you trying to lose weight? Huel is not a diet product but it is great for assisting in weight loss because it’s very easy to track calories.


Hi thank you for responding.

I’m a complete newbie. I haven’t ordered anything yet as I don’t really know what to order.
I’m hoping to lose some weight and be healthier in myself. I am a fussy eater and definitely don’t eat all the right things. I am a care worker in the community so often have to eat on the go.
I suffer from depression which is managed with medication and used to jog. I’ve recently been diagnosed with arthritis in my shoulder and on a waiting list for an operation so my jogging has had to stop.
Sorry for the waffle just wondered if this would be right for me.
Thanks. X x

Hi from what you said - it may be better for you to ease yourself into Huel with some Ready to Drink options as many users find them a little more palatable and as they can be drunk ambient or chilled - will help with the convenience for you while you are on the go. they can also be bought as singles at Sainsbury’s and some service stations so you could try them out before taking the plunge on a couple of boxes.

theres are also some very useful guides here

Hey Lisa, welcome to the forum :blush: I can’t imagine how tough it is being a care worker at the moment. Do have a read around the forum, there’s a lot of people in similar positions to you and their experiences could help you. Have a search here, and read around our website. There’s a short article here with a few key headlines around eating healthier. Let us know if you have any specific questions and we’ll do our best to help out :+1:

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Phil’s idea is a good one. Certain Sainbury’s sell the ready to drink and the snack bars as single items. Generally not all the flavours but it’s a way of you trying both products before committing to larger orders. You can use the locator here to see what stores near you stock Huel.

If you’re trying to replace “food on the go” then those two are ready to go options.

The powder can work as an on the go option but requires a bit more effort. When I used to go places for the day I would take an empty shaker and a container containing 90g of Huel powder inside. I would just need water from somewhere then to make up a shake wherever I am.

If you have access to a microwave, the hot and savoury also works as an on the go as you can prepare it in the morning by weighing out however much you want into the microwavable cup, add water and zap it. Eat from the cup and wash it out when you get home.

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