What would your last meal be

I think I’m going to use Huel for my breakfast and lunch, but you can live 100% on Huel if you want from what I’ve read. If you were going to do that, what would your last meal be before making the switch?

Mine would be:

Large pescatore pizza from the Italian takeaway near where I live with a garlic bread, oozing with garlic butter.

Nom Nom Nom!

For me it’s got to be Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, home cooked of course.

Hmmm… I didn’t think of that one, might have to change my mind!

That pizza sounds delicious, especially the garlic bread! Not a big fan of Christmas dinner myself, I’d have to go with good old traditional seaside fish and chips with salt and vinegar, bread and butter. Not treated myself to that for years…

I grew up in rural Ireland, a great big plate of bacon and cabbage with potatoes, followed by sponge and custard just like they used to make it at school

@SMarriott yes that sounds pretty good to me. A proper pudding with custard, virtually unbeatable.

It would have to be that green mint custard we used to have with chololate sponge. Never had it since, would love to try it again!

We used to have that! Might see if I can get a recipe online. Might mix it in with Huel for a treat! :smile: