2/3 Huel what to eat for 1/3?

i am new to Huel and i want to start eating Huel for 2/3 of my daily meal.
Now the question is what is a good, easy and healthy meal for the other 1/3?
Should i just eat some veggies or some fruits or dont they give me enough calories?

My ‘go to’ is either an omelette with veggies and sliced turkey or a bowl of tomato pasta with one chicken breast. Nice and filling and provides that extra bulk that Huel just can’t match.

As long as you count your calories up in something like Myfitnesspal it’s hard to go wrong.


sounds good, thank you

Which meal will be the 1/3? Mine is dinner in the evening, so I’ll have something like fish or chicken, with veg and maybe sweet potato or wholegrain rice.

I avoid bread, white rice etc.

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I have a regular evening meal and will either cook a chili, some salmon or chicken with wholegrain rice and vegetables.
All easy to prepare and not too much cleaning up afterwards.


It depends which working shift i have. Either lunch or dinner.Thx that sounds good

do you use only fresh vegetables or frozen ones too?

I tend to buy fresh peppers, green chili, onions but have frozen mixed vegetables (broccoli, carrots, sweet corn) as those are my favourites.
I would buy fresh veg, however, I don’t cook it everyday so don’t want it to go off and waste it.
I’ve started cheating with rice too, opting for Uncle Ben’s. Appreciate it’s not the healthiest, but the flavours and ease of cooking outweigh this for me. I’ll tend to split a pouch over 2 meals as rice goes with almost anything.

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thank you for you help :wink: