Huel on Christmas Day?

So who is using Huel as normal tomorrow? I’ve got my Huel breakfast chilling in the fridge, but the rest of the day will be eating normal Christmas food. Probably back to my 2 Huel’s a day on Boxing Day. Anyone 100% Huel over the festive season?

Breakfast and evening meal probably.

Christmas pudding flavour for both meals of course!

Breakfast only… Christmas Pudding

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Unlikely I’ll be having any Huel today!

Had my salted caramel Huel for breakfast, solids now and plentiful G&Ts. Happy Christmas everybody :christmas_tree:

I had Brussel sprouts laced with Huel for breakfast and now I am on my 7th hour of work out. Not long now until my 18:00 Huel and sweet potato brownies! Huel!!!

Hmm, Huel and Brussels sprouts. I hope you’re joking :cry:

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Anything with sprouts has gotta be a joke…satan’s bogies.

Had Huel both Christmas Day and Boxing Day whilst the rest of my gannets and in-laws hoovered the contents of the Christmas table up - all prepared and made for them by me I may add.

It was the best Christmas ever from my perspective, no bloating, no pains, no flatulence, no sleepiness - absolutely brilliant.

Happy Hueling everyone.

Just breakfast for me with Huel over Christmas but it has been the healthiest meal each day

I’ve been on 100% huel for going on 45 days now without any signs of stopping. I decided to not eat anything else xmas day as I’m the kind of person that either gives it all or nothing at all lol.