Where can I buy the spoon

I lost my spoon that I got when I first ordered Huel and I can’t buy a spoon on ‘Products’ page on Huel website. Could you add this to ‘Products’? Is there any other place where I can buy a spoon from?

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At checkout, there is the option to add a ‘scoop’ - it’s free, hence why it can’t be found in the products page :slight_smile:

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I added more scoops to my latest order because I have more bags on the go now.


I ordered 2 scoops with my 16 bag order (£329) the other week but they only put one in. I think it’s crazy I can spend that money but not be allowed to have more than one scoop. I would rather just pay the cost to Huel of the scoop so I can order as many as I want. I’ve been on Huel for over 2 Years and normally get a few scoops a year since I lose them or accidentally throw them away.

Alternatively, can Huel let me in on who supplies their scoops and give me an email address so I can ask for some sample scoops, I promise I won’t tell anyone :wink:

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There is no spoon!


I saw kyuss a few times in the 90s. This is my favourite song of theirs. https://youtu.be/U_t2gE1EsKU

I’m lucky, I’ve managed to score quite a few scoops from the girl downstairs who puts her Vega tubs, scoop and all, in the recycling :slightly_smiling_face:

But I’m sure if you email Huel’s customer service they’ll send you a scoop or two free of charge: team@huel.com