Where in Sainsbury's are the bars?

I’ve checked the three closest to me, they have rtd in a fridge, deep in store or near check out with other lunch type items. Other protein type bars easily found.
I’ve had no luck spotting bars, not asked staff due to virus and lack of urgency.

They are supposed to have designated shelf space in store, like on a schematic, right? Where should they be?

I think Huel Bars are only available via Ocado - https://www.ocado.com/search?entry=huel or directly through Huel if I’m not mistaken

Sainsburys only stock RTD

No they’re in store as well.

I’m yet to find them, but a friend’s seen them with the protein bars/powders near the pharmacy bit in their local.

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Pharmacy? I guess some stores have supplement / health stuff there, never looked tbh. Lol another forum said they found them in box beside rtd in fridge.

Surely part of the deal is product shall be placed a b or c in a such a way.

I saw them in a big Sainsbury’s on a display near the main door with other protein / healthy snack bars.

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