Huel bars in Sainsbury's

Hello, on your website in the where to buy section it specifically says you can buy huel bars in Sainsbury’s stores, however after getting in contact with Sainsbury’s customer service team, it appears the products have been discontinued from all stores, are the stores likely to be stocked in any other shops ? Also might be an idea to remove huel bars from the where to buy section under Sainsbury’s.

I seen them in my local Sainsbury’s last weekend, although they have only ever had two flavours.

Yes they are selling through old stock and not selling them again it seems.

Sorry for the delay replying on this! Our bars are coming out of Sainsbury’s slowly but obviously some stores are still working through stock. We’ll remove them from our store locator once all stores are out of stock don’t worry!

How come Tim is this a decision by Huel or Sainsburys. What about the RTD’s?

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