Huel tasting in London

Hi All,

I’m new to Huel,

I do believe I’ve seen a few bottles in Selfridges,

Is there any other place I can go for a tasting before actually buying it online? Like actual offline shop, etc.?


you can only buy the RTD bottles in retail stores (Sainsbury’s) and also order individual RTD bottles or Bars online through Ocado.

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Some Sainsbury’s too:

Hey Kirill, Sainsbury’s is a great place to sample Huel RTD. We have a store locator here where you can find which Sainsbury’s stock it.

Depending on which store you go to they may have either Vanilla or Vanilla and Chocolate, sometimes it’s at the front of store in the fridges with the sandwiches, then in other stores it’s in the milk aisle. Hope that helps!