Huel RTD Kings X/Central London?

Any clue where I can buy RTD in central London?

Found some in Selfridges Food Hall last year.

Some Sainsbury’s do it, not sure about central but the big one in Camden does it in the fridges by the entrance.

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I’ve used the store locator on the website and it shows where you can buy RTD in specific Sainsburys stores.


Link doesn’t work!

Strange… Works for me, You can go through the website and see if it works that way, Go to the “About” section & then “Store Locator”

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It keeps automatically bumping me to the Huel EU site

it says the closest one to Kings X is a Sainsbury’s Local at 266 Pentonville Road,

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All you need to do is change the flag in the top right-hand corner of the website to the UK flag and click on the link again.

The site will automatically direct you to whichever region has been selected.

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I know Dan, but in my case the flag is the EU flag, and it does have a little arrow suggesting there are drop down options, but when you click it you just get the EU site refreshed again. The Huel website seemingly does not want me to leave the EU :rofl:

Thank you so much @Phil_C I will check it out today!

I feel like I’m a special agent following your orders

If you go on the Huel home page first, change your region and then click on the Sainsburys link that should do the trick.

Dan… I can’t change my region, as explained above!

Why wont the Huel website let me TAKE BACK CONTROL!!! :rofl:

I’m afraid we traded your street to the EU in exchange for a trade deal. The country will benefit, but you and your neighbours will need a passport to go to the pub.

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It’s not the only one

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@Hdoyle sorry for the bother here. What we’re describing should work, whilst I ask someone from the team would you be able to clear you cookies and cache?

However, it’s worth noting that the only stores Huel is available in is in the UK (that’s why that page is 404 on EU site). So are you just curious as to which stores Huel is in in the UK?

OMFG!!! Finally got the chance to drink the RTD. This is the SHIT!!! Why is it so much yummier than the powder?!

Its a little bit different in terms of ingredients used in the RTD compared to the powder for example the RTD uses gluten-free oat’s compared to the powder which uses normal oats and for the simple fact that its blended in massive industrial blenders