Have Sainsbury’s stopped selling Huel ready to drink shakes in store?

Maybe something to do with the RTD shortage:

Morrisons are now selling it. Some flavours are £3 this now. :slightly_smiling_face:

I did buy a bottle of rtd in Sainsbury’s last week. My local Morrisons doesn’t stock Huel but I know many do

My local Sainsburys still sells RTD.

They’ve stopped selling it at Euston Sainsbury’s and I was in Edinburgh 12 hours later and one of the workers said they had literally just removed them from their shelves. :confused:

UK supermarkets have been delisting products since the early days of the pandemic by between 30 and 60% of their usual in store choices. They are all using the same rationale of it being to offer simplified and focused ranges to accommodate higher costs of living. Some of the stores have done this in a less than transparent way with their suppliers, which appears to be leading to several legal challenges being opened against them.