Sample ready to drink?

Honestly today, sainsburys have been a total letdown. Been to two that were listed as stocking huel ready to drink according to location (Bridgend + Swansea). Staff had no idea what i was on about and couldn’t find it in any of the places that were shown by previous people or any other places i thought it may be put. Genuinely gutted. As someone who has issues with certain foods like dairy and randomly ending up with an upset stomach i was hoping to try some ready to drink to use in work as I’m a theatre nurse and thought this would be a perfect nutritious and filling option to keep me going through the day. Just curious as its not an option to buy individual bottles if somehow a sample pack of all 3 flavours could be considered in future as i would hate to pay for a full crate only to find its something i cannot continue using

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Sainsbury’s is a nightmare. On the rocky outcrop I live on there is just a smallish Sainsbury’s so they never get the more niche things (and it is even worse now that they have added an Argos desk). On several occasions I have visited to buy (non-Huel) items that they have allegedly stocked, only to find that they don’t.

Quite a few people have asked for samples to be bought direct from Huel, but logistically for them it hasn’t been possible. Shipping liquid is expensive, and if they passed the shipping cost to the consumer most would never buy it.

Its a nightmare. I live in pembrokeshire so all we have is a small one in tenby (couldn’t see it there either the other day) so happened to be up that way today and hoped i could get some. Gutted i cant even get single bottles on ocado as they don’t even deliver down this way :sweat_smile:

There are worse places to live…at least scenery wise.

It is possible to buy single RTDs from Huel directly by adding them onto an order, but I think you only get the option to purchase it once? Or it might only pop up when you first create a subscription?
I’m putting question marks because it definitely offers you the option on certain orders but I can’t remember when / how.
Hopefully another Hueller can help

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Ooooo if it is possible that would be fab. Im not very technical so maybe there is a way to do it once on the site that im overlooking. I have seen about a sample thing with either RTD or a bar if you spend so much but thats all.

There’s no option for it in the menu but it pops up as an add-on at checkout… but only once per person and only in certain circumstances.
I have a feeling it offered it to me when I created a new subscription of powder - it came up ‘do you want to add anything to your order?’ and when I scrolled down it offered single rtds.
It’s never offered again though but definitely other people have bought single rtds this way

I received single bottles with my powder order two times, as a sampler. I hadn’t ordered them (but I did like that I could try them!)

I don’t use the subscription service I just order each time myself. I was able to add a single bottle or 2 each time in the basket, which was great for me that’s all I wanted as a treat. But that option isn’t there anymore sadly and I don’t want to order 12 or 24 bottles at once and it gets expensive then with the powder. Don’t know why it’s not offered anymore but should be, tight gits stuff them lol. I am not desperate for them as I am happy with the powder it was just nice to order a couple of bottles especially as I can’t get them locally.

Do you ever do your big shop online @CRW?

If you don’t get offered RTD as an addon during your Huel shop you could get a couple bottles through Ocado or indeed Sainsbury’s online.

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Currently the only RTD online for sainsburys is vanilla and im particularly interested in trying the berry flavour if possible as ive heard good things about it but just want to see if my body agrees with it before committing and i dont live in an area where ocado deliver sadly. Closest area that i can find is 2 hours away from me for delivery :sweat_smile:

I haven’t seen berry in any of my local Sainsbury’s, just vanilla and chocolate (same online) so I’m not sure if that’s available through them yet. @Dan_Huel can you confirm?

Ocado have berry though

Just tried Sainsburys and even they don’t deliver to my area :weary: neither does ocado so that sucks :sweat_smile:

My god, where do you live?

Ah :frowning:


I was in Swansea Sainsbury’s last week and spotted the RTD - to be honest it was such a small section I nearly missed it and only spotted it by chance… they were in the chiller opposite all of the ‘free from’ stuff…

Hope this helps! :blush:

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One can add a single RTD bottle if and only if it’s the first order of a subscription, the date is divisible by 3, it’s not raining at the Huel HQ, and the moon is waxing gibbous.

About time Huel sorted this out already.


That’s correct we don’t supply berry RTD to Sainsburys just vanilla and chocolate.

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Same here. Been to Sainsbury’s Coldhams Lane Superstore in Cambridge today, listed as stocking huel RDT, looking for a Huel to try for the first time as I’m interested in their products. Looked literally EVERYWHERE but it was nowhere to be found. Couldn’t even find empty shelves. Asked two employees and the reply was always the same “uh, I’ve never seen it before” despite showing them the picture from the Sainsbury’s webpage. It’s quite frustrating tbh.

Sainsbury’s put it in one of two places. Either with the sandwiches, drinks and snacks in their “To Go” section which is usually near the entrance and by the tobacco/lottery kiosk. Or in the fridges by the milk on the top shelf with milkshakes, Kefir, etc. Not all Sainsbury’s stock it and I asked several staff when it first went into stores and none had heard of it.

Best bet is to check the store locator first for a list of local stores that stock it then check in both locations.

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I checked on the Huel website and the store I went to is among the ones supposed to sell Huel RTD bottles. I checked everywhere and in all the places you mention. Maybe they were just out of stock, although I made sure to check the tags in empty shelves to make sure I wasn’t just missing it because out of stock. It is supposed to be in store since last August or something. I’m surprised two of the staff had never even seen it (and they usually are very reliable in finding even the smallest and unusual product). And this is the largest Sainsbury’s store in Cambridge.