Who are the owners of huel?

Is it just split evenly between Julian and James ?

Or do you have investors ?

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The difference between 2015 and 2016 is HUGE! :smiley:

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So it seems its Julian and his wife are owners ?

What is James part in all this ?

It is isnt it

What could that be attributed to ? Taking on investors perhaps ?

He is the nutritionist expert who formulated Huel, probably just employed by Julian.

From what I understand from hearing a podcast with Julian, he originally just got James in a consultant, but then he got him on board as a co-founder.

But is Bodyhack the parent company?

If Huel ever opened up to investors even if it wasn’t a public offering I’d be interested, I’m impressed with the product and the company so far.


Correct, Julian and his wife own 400 shares each and are 50% shareholders. There are no other shareholders or directors other than Julian and his wife. The trading company is Bodyhack Ltd. All this is freely available from Company’s House.

It has to be said, accounts to 31st January 2016 show it has been a very good year. Good luck to them, they have done well to build this business up.

If they decide to increase the authorised share capital and attract new shareholders, I’m sure many of us would like to make a stake in the company.

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This kind of business does not need investors once its off the ground. Its growth should be exponential reaching a plateau at which point they will be solid.