The Story of Huel - A Conversation with the Huel Founders

Morning Hueligans! It’s our 5th birthday this week (Wednesday :raised_hands:) and we wanted to give you a little bit more of an intimate insight into Huel and particularly the relationship between @Julian and @JamesCollier at the beginning pre-launch. It’s a good one for your lunch break as it’s 17 mins long, but hopefully you’ll enjoy every minute.


Very interesting and insightful, they’re like an old married couple now which is heartwarming (I can just imagine the bickering and tantrums), and I agree that making mistakes is a really positive way forward, and I think most successful companies do.


I thought the same, they seem to be good pals.

I would like to watch Julian being stroppy, if you are not an employee it could be quite funny.


Great conversation - Julian - Two favourite products are in the test kitchen. :yum::wink:


brilliant video


That was very interesting. J&J: I’m pretty sure you’re right about the mistakes, I used to work with and talk to a lot of successful entrepreneurs with a view to buying them (private equity) and I can’t think of a single one who didn’t have a few regrets in terms of the strain it put on them and sometimes their families about past decisions but realised that the lessons learned from those mistakes or errors of judgement proved absolutely vital to their later success.


A very interesting video. Without a doubt, Huel has been a fantastic success. No question about that. I just wish I had got involved right at the beginning. What a ride it’s been for their team.

The reality is, lots of new starts fail and usually because of cash problems or flawed business plans. This one, Huel, is a success. This is a profitable business and is really going places. Their biggest advantage over all the other new “soylent type” products and companies is in the nutrition and ingredients used. Huel was the first one that didn’t use maltodextrin as the carb source.

We’ve seen a huge growth in the European “soylent type” companies, some have succeeded and some have failed. But the competition all use maltodextrin and if you have diabetes, maltodextrin doesn’t help the condition. Is it because maltodextrin is a cheap carb source ingredient? Who knows but I do know, and I’ve tried most of the European brands, maltodextrin is not good for me.

The combination of Julian and James and their expertise coming together has been so successful. Well done to you both and your growing team and congratulations on five years of growth and success. 100 million meals is roughly 6.25 million bags. That’s a mountain of products and a huge logistical operation to manufacture, sell and distribute all the orders. And it’s been a success also for their partners. DPD do a fantastic job. Okay, sometimes things go wrong but I’ve nothing but praise for our cheery DPD drivers, Dean and David. And not to forget the technology and systems required to make all this happen. I know the technology required is complex and you need very skilled technical experts and software engineers to make it happen.

We shouldn’t overlook the customer care team either. They are often the face of Huel, sorting out problems and answering questions. They are super friendly and quickly sort out any problem we customers have.

The growing number of Hueligans is another innovation that Huel have got right. Nowadays, supplier and customer are close. It’s never been easier or quicker to interact with a company. The forum is, clearly, very popular and people can ask questions, share thoughts or let off steam. It’s great.

I take my hat off to you both, a brilliant example of how to create and grow a successful business.


Just figuring out how to do this, hopefully he doesn’t read this message and realise he’s about to get Punk’d.


@Talort exactly, they can seem like mistake initially but really it’s going to lead to a better outcome!

Thanks for all you’ve said David, means a lot. While we’ve still got a lot we want to achieve, and we’re not resting on our laurels, we could not have been the success Huel is at this point without this incredible community taking a chance with Huel. Without you we wouldn’t be here and we never forget that.


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Googling it makes it sound worse than it is – Brits usually use it in a more light hearted sense for someone being grumpy – I half expected when I searched for it on Google to see, that a picture of Elton John would be the top result.

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Okay, you can’t talk about the WHAT. But can you say something about the WHEN? :innocent: