Who would like a smooth velvety chocolate pre-mixed Huel Flavour? 🍫

I’d :heart_eyes:LOVE:heart_eyes: a chocolate mix of Huel. It’s universal, it would crack America, it would be the best milkshake on the planet, it would be the craving for my sweet tooth with all the Huel goodness. Imagine a thick chocolaty ice cold Huel shake? Sprinkle some cacao nibs on top. YUM:drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:

I’m shocked we haven’t had chocolate as it’s such a universal flavour. We have vanilla, coffee and berry. Come on chocolate! Slim fast do it so can Huel.:muscle::sunglasses:

Please let me beta test. I have unfortunately extensive chocolate shake experience :hushed: :chocolate_bar:

I think it’s an open secret that chocolate pre-blend is in the works.

Edit: James’ replied to you in this thread about chocolate pre-blend.

It is but as I was meal prepping with my chocolate protein and flav pouches, I thought about what James said and I wanted to share the excitement and generate a buzz for the masses so they are calling out for it …Plus I’d make a mighty fine beta tester :slight_smile:

There’s definitely plenty of anticipation for this, I’m really hoping it’s brought out eventually as it’d save me using my chocolate whey as flavouring!

Fingers crossed!!

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I want this. I’d buy only that + berry.