Chocolate Huel is scrumptious

I love the chocolate huel. Really impressed, what’s everyone else’s verdict?


Woop! So pleased you love it! :rabbit: I’m really enjoying it too, might even make one now!

@Tim_Huel is the chocolate premix flavour intended to be American chocolate? Like Hershey bar?
To me, it tastes nothing like chocolate (eg a hot chocolate drink, a chocolate milkshake, a Cadbury’s dairy milk bar, a Galaxy bar, or even Belgian chocolate).
It also doesn’t taste like raw chocolate (which I guess it’s not supposed to)

I personally wouldn’t class a Hershey bar as chocolate (because it’s not), but that’s the closest I can liken the flavour of the chocolate Huel to.

I’m really disappointed :sob:
I love cacao / chocolate FS Huel.
But this chocolate premix is terrible - I normally slurp my homemade chocolate Huel in 2 minutes flat, but I’ve been trying to drink this chocolate premix since yesterday and it’s so bad I just can’t finish it

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Add a dollop of Branston pickle.


Now it’s even more disgusting. Which I didn’t think was possible



Sounds like you’re gonna have to disguise it with real cacao, chocolate or mocha…or all of the above :thinking:

I’ve tried mixing it with cacao and coffee, with mocha fs, and with branston pickle (thanks John :laughing::laughing:) - but the strange sour taste (of the premix not the pickle) overpowers everything else.

I haven’t yet tried mixing it with mint premix but the mint is so strong that might just work.
I’m honestly not having a lot of luck with the premix flavours - I now have 4 bags of Huel which I really dislike (berry, 2xVanilla, and now chocolate). Trying to get through these four bags is really putting me off Huel :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I really dislike it. The flavour is relatively weak and doesn’t end up tasting like chocolate at all.

Unlike the vanilla which I really enjoy.

Mine will be arriving in the next 15 mins or so… :open_mouth:

First impressions? :yum::yum::yum:

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I can’t believe you actually tried that!! :smile:

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I can believe it.


Here she comes


@Africorn the taste of the ‘chocolate’ was so bad, anything was worth a go :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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LOL never could resist a challenge :rofl:


I’ve just had my first chocolate premix. It wasn’t bad in the respect that it wasn’t disgusting, it smelled of chocolate, looked like chocolate but the taste was very insipid and didn’t really hit me. It didn’t have the bitterness of a dark chocolate that I like, and it wasn’t sweet enough to resemble the chocolate that many Brits like to eat. I’m not really sure who would go for it.

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@Bee for one!
Not me for sure…

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Hmm…I usually have 50/50 mix of vanilla and unsweetened for my desired sweetness, but even without the unsweetened I found this not quite sweet enough for chocolate…

I agree that too much sweetness isn’t the issue. It just lacks any flavour of chocolate in my opinion. And tastes kinda sour (?!)
I don’t know - I couldn’t place the taste - to me it had a bad taste that I couldn’t get rid of. Not even the pickle disguised it :crazy_face:

Agree there isn’t an obvious ‘in your face’ chocolate taste. Rather more subtle and understated like the coffee premix is. But to me at least, the chocolate is there, plus that hint of coconut cream/coconut oil taste which I find rather pleasant.

Will be interested to hear what more people think. Just goes to show how different we can be when it comes to taste.