Why GMO-free?

Do you have to state that you’re GMO-free? The only thing this branding does is give legitimacy to eco-terrorists and conspiracy theorists, very anti-science.


Are you serious?

There are good reasons for GMO but I cannot find any for HUEL using GMO ingredients. Or people buying GMO fruits, grain, vegetables, etc. in Europe or somewhere else in the “first world”.

The question wasn’t why they don’t use GMO. The question was why they brand it as gmo-free in support of people who are anti-science.

And there are plenty of reasons, gmo food with development can be far more nutritious, cheap and enviromentally friendly than traditional food.


I’m not “anti-science” because I don’t want to eat GMO. You say that people that choose (!!) not to eat GMO are “eco-terrorists and conspiracy theorists” - That’s… BULLSHIT!

Huel is free of GMO so they state it on their webpage. Saves time, less people asking “Is your stuff free of GMO?”.

Isn’t the answer obvious? People who are not against GMO will keep buying it, even if it says it’s GMO-free. People who are against GMO will not buy it if it’s not GMO-free.

Pure marketing.

Last month a saw a “VEGAN” label on an apple juice bottle… I don’t think that there is a “Non vegan apple juice” on the market, so it’ the same. Marketing.

I’m a hunter, far away from beeing vegan as possible but I don’t care if there is a “Vegan” label on any products that I buy. I doesn’t affect my ‘masculinity’ or whatever.

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There are loads, most in fact. Isinglass is used to filter and clarify apple juice and more widely any juice fortified with vitamin D probably uses lanolin, derived from sheep’s wool.

We need to increase food production by about 25% within the next 40/50 years or we’re going to see starvation on a global scale - there’s no way to do that without GM and there’s no science based reason to be against it, just emotional.

As a category, Complete Foods strike me as something that should embrace GM to be honest, but being one way or the other doesn’t really affect my choices unless a huge deal is made of it.

But it’s not the same at all. They use the label for vegan as a positive thing and are implying that GMO is bad. Saying gmo-free is redundant and anti-science.

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Just says it’s GM free to me, neither sells that as a positive or negative in my mind and any inference you place on that is your own.

From the press page…

Huel also has a low GI and very low sugar content, with no added sugar, no genetically modified ingredients, soy, eggs, dairy meat and animal products at all. Yet despite all this, it still remains high in protein and fibre, with at least 100% of the RDA for all 26 essential vitamins and minerals.

That specifically suggests that ensuring Huel was nutritionally complete was a challenge due to the things that it doesn’t contain, but offers no value judgement over why it doesn’t have those things.

There’s no need for Huel to be vegan either, but you’re not calling them out for being anti-evolution.

Hi there, we aren’t against GMOs, Huel isn’t GMO-free by design, it’s more coincidental than that. We don’t promote Huel massively as being GMO-free but talk about it occasionally because we know that it is important to some.

It’s worth noting that we don’t believe all GMO is bad, if we can make crops drought resistant for example it has benefits for mankind. However, we disagree with certain GMO practices. Huel certainly is not anti-science but rather pro-science.


And coincidences are good because I wouldn’t buy Huel if there was GMO in it.

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We all know vegan on a package is considered a positive thing while saying gmo-free obviously makes implications that GMO is something negative. Just the same way vegans make the implication that animal products are bad.

Anti-GMO is anti-science and obscurantism.

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Why wouldn’t you purchase GMO?

Because it’s a biodiversity nightmare and a Monsanto jackpot.
Hybrid seed production is bad enough in our modern, intensive, agriculture (and already outrageous at various levels.)

Don’t you think it’s our only shot as a species at sustainable agriculture and manufacturing aside from population termination?