Why I have a LOT of lumps?

@alfonson thank you.

I have one of these in a protein shaker and tried it with Huel, you actually get a very large lump in the middle so I think it’s a lot worse and I’ve stopped using it.

I have had lumps in my Huel as well (though I call them balls!) but never really cared about them much. It is just powder that did not mix well. I just use my tongue to “crush” them with some excess water in my mouth to avoid having to swallow them in whole (though I am not sure what bad could that do). The main issue with them is that the powder in this state tends to stick into your teeth or inside your cavities if you have one, so you have to work a bit to get them off. Not really that unpleasant or noteworthy in my opinion. I am much much more concerned about the artificial sweetener.

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So: I did 3 tests:

Joylent shaker + steel ball => a lot and huge lumps

Huel shaker + steel ball + 1 minute hard shaking => not huge lumps but quite enough to be disturbing. Size quite small: the lumps crossed the grid (I put after to filter), and quilte enough remain inside the shaker.

Huel shaker + steel ball + 15 seconds of mid shaking => not huge lumps, but a lot of them smaller. Some crosses the grid (put after), a lot remains inside. Look:

And here out of the shaker:

Those lumps are the ones that did not cross the grid. They weight 9 grams, and I eat lumps that crossed the grid. I find they very disturbing since I have to bite them and they stick and taste quite bad. I expect from this just to shake and drink, but I actually lost quite time since I have to drink it slow to get the lumps, or use a blender (which takes me time too). I feel like having worse digestion if I eat lumps intact :\

@zoltan: about sweetener, I recommed you to open another thread, I am interested too :smile:

@alfonson I get a few small lumps, but I don’t mind. They go down quite easily. But I don’t seem to be having the problems with lumps that you have. But my portions of Huel get shaken 3 times:

  1. 500ml water, 3 scoops Huel, shake vigorously.
  2. Top shaker up with extra water and shake some more, put in the fridge.
  3. Take out of fridge after a few hours and shake a bit more before drinking.
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Funnily, I always add the powder first, then water.

After adding the water, I turn the shaker upside down and give the bottom of the shaker a firm tap. Then I shake for just a couple of seconds and hey presto, no lumps. The grid seems to help, too.

This works with all sort of powders, including huel.

I got no lumps at all in my Huel this morning. On the first shaking, I shook it violently up and down for 10 seconds. Then the extra water went in and I shook it by wiggling it from side to side. That was when I was preparing it last night before going to bed. This morning I gave it another good wiggle and it came out totally smooth. I wonder if leaving it overnight helps.

What batch number has your bag?

The batch number is 1959

Although @Julian tells that the batches are the same, I still only find the coincidence in batch 1936 as @ChrisN commented :\

Does anyone get lumps with maltodextrin based powders e.g. Soylent, joylent, etc?

Nope, absolutely no lumps (with or without maltodextrine) in my Joylent.
Be patient, as soon as I’m finished with my Joylent pounches, I’ll order Huel! :slight_smile:

For me, huel and Joylent both mix rather well without lumps.

That said, I can provoke lumps with both powders, when not mixing the right way, shaking hesitantly will produce lumps. It’s the technique, not the poweder :wink:


No lumps with Jake or Nutrilent but then I use a Nutribullet which helps. Huel also mixes with no lumps in the Nutribullet also

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I eat Joylent and Mana and never got lumps. Do you have batch 1936?

@alfonson I have several pouches open at the moment, two at home and one at work. Currently 1936 is in front of me at work.

I had no lumps with Joylent.

And I have almost no lumps with Huel using the shaker. But the most important point is first adding the water to the shaker, then Huel.

But today I bought a blender in carrefour for 25 euros…and the final drink is perfect.

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Yes a blender does make the perfect Huel there is no doubt. The shaker is more convenient (less washing up and portable) but the slight downside is a less smooth drink.


I kind of resisted using the blender for a while because I liked using the shaker for some reason. Maybe it was the novelty of it, I don’t know.

Anyway, I’ve switched to using a blender now. Really smooth Huel. Perfect. I make mine the night before and then leave it in the fridge overnight. I like it chilled and left to settle for a while. Don’t get me wrong, it tastes perfectly fine straight away, but just that bit better if it’s been sat in the fridge for a while, in my opinion.

Has anyone tried using something like a breville blend active

one of those where you get a few bottles and the idea is to mix it, and then screw a travel cap on

there a few varieties from different manufacturers but all seem to be 300w motor with 600ml bottles

Can anyone tell me if the nutribullet has the same mix and transport ability

I have a full ‘jug’ blender but cleaning it is a little effort each time so I’m trying to find something else

I get lumps from a shaker (but that might be the volumes I’m trying are too large)