Why I have a LOT of lumps?

just if anyone is interested

After looking at all the options, I took a punt on an ASDA twist and blend (was £15) the additional bottles are £3 which include a lid - the lowest TCO compared to the other ones

The mixture I am on at the moment is 4:1 and this handles it without any issue (so far)

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Im not sure if you can click on this link but I found this on Amazon. It is a portable blender within the bottle that is rechargeable through USB. Although quite pricey it seems like a solution to a lot of the problems mentioned here! Also rated 4.2/5 stars on average.

If anyone has one or similar id love to hear how they got on with it

I think some batches might have a humidity issue. The powder doesn’t feel like a dry powder but rather damp powder… i don’t really mind because I use a blender but i think that’s the root cause of your issues.

What batch number do you have?

By the way, I am that much annoyed that I give up. I send Huel bags for free (to Europe) to anyone who wants to test it.


  • Must not have eaten Huel before.
  • Must eat at least a full day of Huel without a blender.
  • Must write a full review on this thread: first impressions, taste, lumps or not, convenience, comfort, expectations, energy,… .
  • Must comment after that all-day-huel if the pee smells to pop-corn :slight_smile:

Anyone who qualify, just write me and I will send one of the bags I have left for free.

Try Mix & Go from Russell Hobbs.
I’m using it for almost a year now. It very practical for making fast shakes. You don’t have to clean anything because you mix things in “bottle” and you have two of them.

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For some reason, it seems that the contents of some bags becomes more lumpy than others. With my first 2 bags of Huel, after shaking I would only have a few small lumps. But with my 3rd bag, even though I’m making it in exactly the same way it’s a lot more lumpy each time.

I’ve just ordered a Philips jug blender (£19.99) from Amazon so hopefully this will become a non-issue.

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The main reason for the lumps is the oats, they are a natural product and some arrive a tiny bit more water content than other bag, this causes the sticking together. Embrace the lump!! It’s nice to have a little bite / chew every now and again :wink:

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Who cares? I chew them, they taste amazing! ^^ Please never use Maltodextrin!!

Guys, just man up and down it!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I always get a few very small lumps which I don’t have a problem with, although there’s always a few chunkier lumps leftover at the bottom of the shaker.

I find the colder the water, the smoother the drink.
Water ALWAYS first, then Huel.

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I use 550ml water + 4 scoops of Huel. I shake as violently as I can for about 15 seconds.
Then I usually get a couple of tiny lumps (pea size) and usually 1 big lump (marble size). It’s not pleasant, but I don’t really mind.
The reason I bought Huel was because there was no maltodextrin in it. I like to have something which keeps my blood glucose and insulin stable, and which does not mess with my stomach. In that perspective, the lumbs are a minor inconvenience.

If you use the ice grid, the larger lumps don’t come out. You can always break em up with a fork later and mix with a little more water. Or save em in the shaker as a bonus for your next Huel meal. :wink:

thats rather thick, might explain why so many lumps. I use 3 scoops with the same 550ml and hardly notice any.

Just use a blender. You can blend up a day’s worth and put it in the fridge overnight.

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I am also seeing a lot of lumps. I first tried with the shaker and that had a lot of powdery lumps that I didn’t like the taste of. Next I tried a hand mixer, which was better.
I actually went and bought a nutribullet at the weekend, planning on using that to mix huel, however I still had powdery lumps and mirr seriously some of the stuff got stuck in the blades and seal so I am a bit worried I will ruin the blender.
The best success I had was to put it in the shaker and then pour it through a tea strainer into another glass. I was wondering whether I would be losing some of the goodness doing this though? It’s quite a lot of hassle though and makes a right old mess of the strainer.

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How fine a strainer? You could be straining out the flaxseed, if it’s just lumps of huel though then you’re only missing out on that bit that didn’t blend.

How much powder and liquid though? I do find after the first blend I have to often scrape a bit that sticks to the sides when I first add the powder, then blend again.

I don’t understand why you have so much lumps.
I use only the provided shaker, of course with its grid (the grid is here in order to destroy lumps !), first 300 ml water, then powder, I shake very vigorously during 30 seconds, then add 300 ml water again, and one more time 30 seconds shaking, et voilà!, no lumps no powder stucks in the shaker, all perfect.

I don’t understand neither why I have so much lumps. That is the question of the topic.
You don’t have lumps? Good for you :smile:
I did it with the grid, without the grid (read above and you will see I was told to do that), shaking vigorously vertical, horizontal, hot, cold, in two steps… everything.

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One of the problems with using natural products, is there are often varients between batches. For example, the oats that got harvested on friday when it rained, might be more moist than the oats that got harvested on thursday, due to going 2 weeks without rain before that. (Exagerated example, but you get the idea). It’s the moistness that can cause the clumping, which in turn makes lumps in the mixture!

Think back to when you make custard / gravy. First you make a paste with a bit of water / milk, then when smooth, you dilute with more water. Try doing the same with Huel, mix up a paste till there are no lumps, then fill with water to the right level and give a quick shake to mix the paste in. Should result in no lumps.

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Thank you for your concern, but as I told, I quit. I give Huel for free (read above it you never took Huel).
I barely belive it is possible to get it smooth with a bit of water, since when filling to 600ml it is a heavy cream.
I am really upset of doing everything (and getting blamed) and the main objective for me was getting my food fast and easy. Simply that. Since it is not achieved, I quit.

But thank you for your concern.

Just started using Huel. I mistakenly assumed the ice barrier was to help with mixing powder and water. I removed the ice barrier and have had no further lumps in my mixture (1 scoop / 38g per 200ml water seems perfect), thanks to the video Julian posted.