Why I'm changing to Jake

I really hope this is not seen as rubbing salt in the wound, or competition advertising. I would really much rather buy a UK product, but Jake has really won me over. I would really like to see Huel step up their game… (English as Second Language, so forgive any mistakes)

As someone that’s trying to lose weight and wants to portion control, the fact Jake has a Light version AND comes in pre-packaged portions is just perfection (even through I sometimes find their portion too large)

Already with Huel, I became a huge fan of travelling with powdered food, making my waste while staying at Airbnbs practically zero. The pre-packaged portions are incredibly handy for this.

The mixability or whatever is called. Oh my god, is so much better. I’m clearly very lazy and that’s why I enjoy powdered meals, Jake is so much easier to clean than Huel.

Which also makes Jake achieve a nice texture much easier than Huel. With Huel, I was only happy using a handheld blender. With Jake, I’m completely satisfied with just the shake bottle.

And the Shake bottle they send along seems much better quality and has that springy ball.

As I said, I would much prefer to consume the cheaper Huel but Jake has won me over…

You are obviously entitled to your opinion but some of the things you have mentioned are not failings but decisions taken deliberately.

  1. Pre-packaged portions increase packaging waste and do now allow easy flexibility of portion size per user. Resealable and/or re-usable bags or small plastic containers (which is what I use) are cheap and allow the user to weigh out their own portion size and take out with them.

  2. To make the “light” version of Jake they have lowered the carb content and basically replaced it with fat. If that is something that appeals to you then fair enough.

  3. The difference in how it mixes is possibility down to maltodextrin. Jake lists this quite high on it’s ingredients whereas Huel only use it for their vitamin and mineral blend carrier. Maltodextrin has a high GI and is not good for you. This may also explain why Jake have not had their product tested for it’s GI rating.

I get on fine using the shaker and truthfully I don’t even notice a difference when I have used a blender.

I am not having a go, if you are happy with Jake then that is what matters but I support Huel’s approach on the bigger items you have raised.


I totally get you are not having a go and I truly appreciate all the info you have listed! I will def look into it and understand Huel decisions

Mixability of Huel since 2.0 is the introduction of a stronger gum blend. It’s intentional, and they’re “working on it”, but let’s not pretend it’s some sort of mystery.


Did you consider trying Queal? I’m trialling it at the moment. The flavours are pretty varied, I really like Forest Fruit so far, but have only tried that and 2 other flavours.

The main reason I’m trying it is that it doesn’t contain sunflower product, which I think I have a sensitivity to.

How much more expensive is Jake?

It’s absolutely down to maltodextrin. Personally I really like Huel’s focus on alternatives, but malto’ does work ok for lots of people and the latest research from Mana shows that it can have a place in the right recipe.

Queal is a few pence cheaper per serving than Huel, Jake is 25p more. We’re lucky to have so many choices :slight_smile:

The Mana study is really interesting, they funded it so no doubt some will see bias, but I thought it was a shame when Huel stopped their own research, would be great to have more science like this.

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No maltodextrine please… That is the reason I use Huel


Whats the problem with maltodextrine?

Hi! You can buy shaker jugs with ‘springy balls’ or just the balls separately from places like Amazon. Hope this helps!

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Much higher GI compared to other carb sources. Recipe’s might balance it out, but honestly it’s nicer if it’s just not there in the first place.

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Some people are really sensitive to maltodextrine, I am, it gives me painful tummy problems,

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One reason I like Huel is because it doesn’t contain maltodextrin. It is a cheap ingredient and tastes nice too which I guess is why it is commonly used. But it is high GI.


wilkos have them with a ball inside. tho personlly i’m quite happy with chewy bits at other times i use a hand blender.

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It’s also used to allow an easy source of fats that don’t affect texture much (in the form of oil powders), but I agree that it’s good Huel doesn’t use it.

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Yep, I’m put off by Maltodextrin. It does taste good and mixes really well but for me, the health pay-off isn’t worth it.

I would be fine about maltodextrin if it was only an occasional ingredient in my diet but if it’s making up a large percentage of what I eat I would rather avoid it.

Its basically sugar, a low quality and cheap carb.

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atm i am trying some of this shake products.

JBM i am with you at the point of how good (or in this case: how bad) huel dissolves in water.
I can shake the shaker for as long as I want, there are always smaller and larger chunks in the shake.
Unfortunately, I can only use Huel at home with a blender.
Only the already filled Huel products convince me, but they are too expensive in the long run.

With Jake i dont have such problems.
i know… the next point is ony my opinion, but it also tastes a lot better.