Why is 1 bag of huel 10 times more expensive than netflix

bruh i dont get why its so expensive holy crap

Netflix is poor nutrition brah. You need some Channel 5 in your life.


Because people are willing to pay that price. If people wouldn’t pay it, then it would be cheaper (or not exist at all).

because Netflix have a quarter of a billion customers who pay them EVERY month? they’ve also been going more than 20 years and didn’t make any profit at all for the first half of that.

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  • Imagine the cost of hiring a registered nutritionist to come up with a meal plan for you which contained a full spectrum of every nutrient you needed to not only survive but to thrive
  • Imagine the cost of hiring someone to make all those meals, every day/meal or however often you wanted to eat those nutritionally (near)perfect meals.
  • Or imagine the time it would take you to cook those same meals
  • Imagine the cost of hiring someone to clean up after the meals were cooked

This is obviously a huge exaggeration for dramatic effect and most people plan, shop, cook and clean-up after. The point is that

  1. the meals people create are not nutritionally (near)perfect, often they’re the easiest meals we can create and nutritionally are total guess work, if we even consider nutrition at all
  2. to do this takes time and money. Compared to the most convenient and most nutritious food options to satisfy the busiest people Huel is cheaper and more nutritious

This isn’t as simple as some protein and some carbs, and do a load of marketing. A huge amount of science is behind this.


You forgot the multivitamin :wink:

Amazes me how people can take a look at a powder that’s undergone 6 years of continuous review and refinement, shrug, and then say “well it can’t be that hard”.

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Well Netflix’ The Crown is constantly being reformulated and cost over half a billion dollars to make so far.

I hear Disney+ is stealing all the nutrients

Not sure why you deleted your comment. I thought it was funny.

In my country I pay for the upper Netflix plan 16.99€ and for a bag of Huel white (8 bags subscription) 23.50€. So its not tenfold.

My Pornhub subscription is great value*

It keeps my right arm in great condition so I can shake my Huel without any lumps or needing a blender.

*I don’t even know if it is a subscribed service. No doubt someone here knows.


Pornhub euphemism?


I went to edit it and accidentally deleted it :persevere:

Just like that

Enough of the Tommy Cooper impressions already

“I went window shopping today! I bought four windows.”


I’ve revived it.

I’m a relatively new Huel-er who has been on a Huel-only diet for the past two weeks and find it way cheaper. Maybe it’s because I live in an expensive city+don’t cook, but I’ve saved tons of money not buying healthy snacks or meals that don’t satiate me because they aren’t nutritionally complete. Plus, there are the food-associated costs too (like delivery apps, time shopping) that I save so much on as well. Idk, I guess to each their own, but I just ordered 4 more bags of Huel (non-subscription) for the price of what I’d previously spend on a nice dinner out, or a week’s groceries…

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once Netflix have made the series or movie it costs the same amount for 100 people to view it as 100 million people to view it, the more people that have a membership to Netflix the cheaper they can make their subscription. WITH food you buy and eat it does not work in the same way, if Huel send an order to 10 people vs 100 people it does not scale in the same way.

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