Why use Huel ??

Just a question why do you use Huel ? For me it’s to help me loose weight I will no exactly what calories I’m having, and also I have alaways cooked but I want a change ? I love my meat and fish but 2016 is going to be different a change a change for good. So why for you all ? Is it diet, can’t cook won’t cook,healthy,are you a veggie or vegan ? No time ?
Look forward in your reply,s

For me, its mostly weight control - I am still new to Huel but I am hoping it will solve my problems. I am notorious for not eating all day, which is strange as I work at home.

I can go all day without eating and by the time 5pm comes I am so hungry that I will eat anything in reach… which is where the problem comes in. I will eat so much food its unreal.

Huel gives me the ability to put something together very quickly (I usually make it the night before) meaning that ultimately I eat less and can hopefully control my weight and have better eating habits.

For me it’s the fact I know I’m getting everything my body needs. Having the increased energy each day really allows me to enjoy every moment of it.

Before, I thought I was eating okay but when I started on Huel I knew that this is how my body should feel. Maybe it’s a placebo, I’ve only been on it a few weeks but if it carries on long term I really do need to thank the Huel team for converting me.

For me it’s convenience, a time-saver. Plus I like drinking it.

Most of the above, plus becoming vegan was a benefit I had not given much thought to before beginning with huel, but I’m becoming quite proud of it since… I am no longer supporting the beef/meat industry and all the evils it contains, and I probably wouldn’t have done this without huel (getting the same nutrition from tasty vegan cooking is just too complicated a challenge for me to bother undertaking)

Mostly weight for me to start. I have noticed all sorts of other benefits though including skin improvement, less severe hangovers, no sugar crisis mid afternoon and better sleep. So dieting plus other side benefits.