Will there ever be anything without Flaxseeds?

I used to eat Huel every day until I realized that Flaxseeds are even more estrogenic than Soy.

“Flaxseed is a rich source of lignans. Lignans are phytoestrogens that have been shown to exert hormonal effects”

(see table)

There’s plenty of studies and researches that support this hypothesis.

I hope there will be an alternative or a new version without flaxseeds.
I don’t like putting the most estrogenic food in my body, and it was also the reason I avoid Soylent.

Phytoestrogens do not work like that, bud. This is also being spread about soy and keeps being debunked.


Yep… This has been discussed many times on the forum. Guess no-one is forcing you to eat it.


Good grief… not this again… I’m so going to write something about this one day, and put this to bed the best I can.

Until then, please see this link where it’s has been discussed fairly recently.


“Debunked” by whom? The soy industry?
I’ve had multiple experiments on my own body that clearly showed that eating soy increased my estrogen lvls.
It’s one of the reasons people choose Huel instead of Soylent.

I’m just asking to replace it with something else, since there’s clearly demand for it if it has been discussed ‘so many times’. Literally anything else contains less pythoestrogens than linseeds, so what about hemp seeds - or any other seed-type?

Like most foods (literally loads) hemp also contains phytoestrogens.

You’d have a hard time eliminating all phytoestrogens from your diet.

Again, as others have said it’s been mostly debunked. It’s not just the soya industry which has debunked it either, go on pubmed and look at who funds the studies on soy and hormones.

If you have bloods regarding phytoestrogens changing your hormonal profile I’d love to see them, I also have a few showing it doesn’t do a thing.

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