Would you buy a Christmas Pudding flavour pouch?

The team at Huel have a rather unseasonal question to ask you.

We want to know whether you’d buy Christmas Pudding flavour if it was made available for a limited time in the form of a flavour boost, as opposed to being ready mixed as before?

If you have or wish to buy vanilla Huel, there will be no need to add any sweetener but you would need to do so with Unsweetened Huel as the flavour boost will not contain any sweetener. We would make sure this is reflected in the price at £6.50, rather than £7.50 for a 150g pouch!

  • I would buy a Christmas Pudding flavour pouch
  • I wouldn’t buy a Christmas Pudding flavour pouch

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I’m sure people would buy it if you have some left over. I’m tempted.

However, I quite like the idea of only having it around Christmas, otherwise I may end up just getting used to it.

only around Christmas time.

This is certainly not the best flavour you have, I still have quite a lot of leftovers from Christmas.
It’s really good for baking, but I wouldn’t choose it for regular drinking again.

I definitely wouldn’t. I unfortunately bought two big bags; trying to hide the taste by mixing with other flavours, etc.

Tastes nothing like any Christmas pudding I’ve ever had, sorry to say, but definitely my Huel low-point.

Bizzarly, I was wondering about that this morning. I ordered a stash of Christmas Pudding when it was reduced and really prefer it to my usual Vanilla. It doesn’t actually taste much like Christmas pudding to me, I just really get on with the taste!

I only have a couple bags of Pud left and wasn’t looking forward to it running out as Vanilla just tastes odd to me now - this would suit me (or if you have any leftover pud pouches put them back on sale!)

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I miss my Christmas Pud Huel, I would most definitely buy flavour pouches.

Yes please, thank you.

I love the Christmas pud flavour. Strange how different our tastes can be!

I would definitely buy this, because I thought this was a great flavour and I was very sad when it ran out…

…if it wasn’t for the fact that I still have about 5 flavour pouches worth of other flavourings left, and I’m expecting them to hit expiry date before I’ve finished using them :confused:

That’s really my own fault for overstocking on flavouring, though. So I voted yes on the basis that I would buy it if I hadn’t messed up :smile:

I purchased lots of the christmas pudding flavour huel but only because it was lots cheaper than the regular huel at time of my purchase and I Iike Christmas pudding flavour more than the vanilla. I go for cheapest option though so would not be purchasing ay flavour pouches in addition to powder.

I bought quite a lot of Christmas Pud flavour and did enjoy it. I’ve been using 1 scoop Xmas flavour to 2 scoops vanilla for a while and am happy with that. I haven’t gotten on well with flavour pouches in the past and ordinary vanilla is fine for me, so no, I wouldn’t buy it.

So far I’ve only had 2 drinks from my Christmas pud bag! I don’t want to throw it away but I’m struggling to disguise the taste :slight_smile: I’d pass it on but only (thankfully) bought one bag. Any suggestions for mixers welcome!

Good thing we have a variety of tastes!

I didn’t get to try it over Xmas as I didn’t want to spend £20 odd on a bag but would love to try it!

I was just thinking if you had some Christmas pudding stick left! I’d be very interested!

Instant Coffee! I can’t quite explain what it ends up tasting like but think of the smell of a busy Costa/Starbucks/Other near christmas time when they’ve got all of the fancy syrups flying everywhere. Worth a try if you’re not too keen :slight_smile:

How much coffee would you recommend?

Thank you, I did try coffee but it was still overwhelmed by the other flavours, however this gave me the idea to try 50/50 with vanilla and coffee. Maybe at the weekend, because I use it for lunch and if it’s still unpalatable (to me!) I’ll be stuck. I’m not criticising the flavour, it simply didn’t suit me though I love Xmas pud!

For a standard 500ml water/100 grams Huel I put in about two heaped teaspoons of instant for a really richl coffee overlay. One would probably do to take the edge off.