100% Huel.advice?

After two weeks 50% Huel I’m now wanting to go up to 100% to give me more time, less choices to make and to be able to control calories easier as I slow bulk.

Just wanted to hear from any 100% guys and gals to see if you’ve had a positive experience and how you find it?

I have been an on off user of Huel for a while, but finding it more of a benefit to my life since giving up booze and hitting the gym more.

It has been great.

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Huel is just good nutrition. If you’re coming from an unbalanced diet then you’re going to experience a much more pronounced effect than if you already eat healthily.

For me, I’m 100% with Huel bats as well, it’s more time and convenience for me and just works with my lifestyle.

I would say that if you go 100% then adding flavour packs is essential to avoid getting bored, and using a proper blender takes away the tedium of shaking.

Give it a go and enjoy :slight_smile: