100% Huel for 1 month - Will it change 'pre-diabetes'

I have been doing 1 month of 100% huel. Not a single bit of hard food. See my post here that links into this. I got a blood test before and getting one after (writing this on day 17). One thing that I came across from the first test is I have a high Fasting Blood Glucose.

I did not eat for 15 hours before the blood test and my result came out at 6.4.

From what I understand 3.5-5.8 is a healthy level of Fasting Blood Glucose. 5.9-6.4 is considered ‘pre-diabetic’. And 6.5+ is considered the diabetic.

I do consider myself healthy; I exercise regular, eat 3-5 veg a day, and am slim / muscular (6pack). However I believe this high FBG could be self-educed. I LOVE SWEETS! I normally eat a pack of sweets a day, normally small sized. It is also not uncommon for me to have eaten a big bag of Haribo to myself without any worries. This maybe not the direct cause of high FBG and as I have got older I have eaten less sweets, but I would consider myself as a TREAT LOVER.

Why this is important is because I am doing 1 month of huel, and since I fit the ‘pre-diabetic’ category, which is reversible, I want to share my FBG level after as well to see if this was able to lower this amount to a healthy level. I still have a while to go but wanted to post this incase anyone else was going through the same thing / aid people to check their levels if they are also a treat fan.

Thanks for sharing. That is a super interesting finding, and I think I should get the same blood work done. I will post it on these forums. I am not 100% Huel, but bordering on 70%.

Pre-diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance is not just about having an FBG of 6+, it’s also about having other symptoms and a raised insulin level.

Huel may help blood glucose control, but if there is some other pathology, then it can only help control, not the cause. Unless, of course, you’re overweight and using Huel appropriately helps you lose weight.