100% Huel, Here we go

Hi all,

On day 2 of trying to go 100% huel (3 scoops 4x a day). Abit about me is im 28, 27 stone,6ft 4 and my goal is to walk up Ben Nevis in june. To achieve this is im planning a lifestyle change of diet and more exercise. Diet coming in the form of 100% huel with “normal” meal roughly once a week. Any hints or tips with the huel that i might of missed.



Well im on day 3, adding fruit to the huel then blending it today. 3lbs down in 3 days im going with its my weight fluctuating.

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Good job on deciding to go with Huel. I took the plunge last week and like you started out Huel 100% of my main meals but have given into having one non Huel meal a day due to practicalities.

I’m using the “Lose It!” App and I can’t recommend it enough. Are you using an app to track your progress?

I:grinning: I have been using lose it on and off for the past 6months. Ive got my first none huel food of the week today as i am going out with family for a meal tonight.

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Just had the toffee taste flavour boost in my vanilla huel for lunch tastes just like muller light toffee if a little sweeter. Think im gonna be ordering a bag of that flavour.

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I’m struggling to get my weight down since last week. I have now taken into account that I’m not consuming enough water, if you’re dehydrated then your body can’t burn fat as easily. I figure it’s good to share that knowledge.

How was it eating a meal last night?

I also had a dinner party last night with a 5 course meal (small amounts) but difficult to know exactly what I’ve consumed in calories.

You mentioned Ben Nevis, are you located in Scotland too?

First meal is tonight pie and chips from the pub so not helpful for loosing weight at all.
I am in Cambridgeshire so 450 miles away from Fort Willaim.
My holiday last year was to Fort Willaim/ Ben Nevis. Only made it up a quarter of the way before i couldn’t continue so I am gonna keep going back till i can make it to the top.
Scotland a big change from the flatness that is the fens. Some really nice scenery and people up there. I cant wait to go back.

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Also, if you’re not drinking enough water then your body tends to retain more. All adds up to a bit extra weight.

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I struggle to drink extra water,I have 3 Huels a day and get around 1.5 litres of water out of it. But I only manage about an extra half litre to a litre of water the rest of the day. I try and force myself to drink more but can’t seem too. Thats usually all the fluids I have a day, some days maybe a coffee or a coke zero but that’s only once or twice a week.