100% Huel journey + weight loss

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
So today I’ve started my 100% huel journey, Today I have had 250g of gluten free vanilla huel split into 5 shakes, 2 of which made with water and the other 3 made with unsweetend almond milk ^^

I have decided to start this for a few reasons…

  • To reduce my weight
  • To up my nutrition
  • Quick/Easy

But the main reason is I can’t eat solid food at the moment without excruciating pain at the top of my stomach (I’m having tests + colonscopy ect) and have found although I’m still getting pain drinking this, it’s extremely less than eating solid food! I’m recieveing the new vanilla flavour and coffee flavour tomorrow, that I’m excited to try! :slight_smile:

I do have my birthday on the 11th May and my 2 year anniversary on the 13th of May and going on a day trip on the 12th to celebrate both! I aim to do this until the 11/12th then straight back on it afterwards! :slight_smile:

I am just posting so I can update my journey with you all!
Starting weight - 10st 10.7lb