110kg HGV Driver hoping to lose weight

Hi folks
Have just started huel today. My plan is to have huel for brekkie and lunch and a sensible dinner in the evening and try and get a walk in to my schedule about 3 times a week. Due to my job and irregular working hours I have piled on weight and end up eating crap at unsociable hours. Will I lose weight doing what I’ve planned. I’m on the road for 2 weeks at a time and do mostly continental work so it’s hard to have a routine so this seems my best option at losing weight. I’m also cutting out beer​:sleepy::sleepy:.

To work out whether you will lose weight I guess you need to know how many calories a day you need to maintain it.

2 Huel meals of 3 scoops are around 1000 calories, so an evening meal of less than 1000 SHOULD see a reduction if you aren’t snacking, cutting out beer and doing some brisk walks. I guess try if for a month, and see if weight is reducing. If not may need to rethink, if it is and you are happy with it continue as usual.

I think feeling hungry is the biggest challenge to trying to lose weight. Drink plenty of water each day. That helps a lot.


Sounds like you’ve got a lot of motivation for this, we’ll be sure to keep you motivated too :smiley:

Plan sounds good, we have a useful Guide To Fat Loss which may help you to assess how many calories you require per day, like @hunzas said.

Keep us posted, Huel will be so helpful when you are away from home for long periods at a time and healthy food is hard to come by.

A month ago I was a 100kg HGV driver, I’ve been using Huel for a month I’m now a 94kg HGV driver.

I have
3 scoops for breakfast @ 7am
2 scoops for lunch @ 1-2pm
2 scoops @ 5-6pm
Sensible dinner @ 8-9pm.

I always feel full using Huel.

Good luck to you.