2 positives and 1 Thing to Change

First off a Happy New Year to all my fellow Hueligans.

Lets start off with one thing you would like to change followed with two things you think Huel does well. This can be products or services.

I’ll start


  1. Product Selection
  2. Belonging

Could change

  1. Metal Water Bottle is poor and should be redesigned
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Happy New Year to you too!! And thank you for the feedback, will be sure to pass this onto the relevant team. :blush:

I don’t have a lot of Huel experience but fwiw:

Customer service
Shaker design

Could change:
How about savoury flavours in powders/RTD?

What would you like to see?! We have dabbled briefly with savoury powder, but generally thought it was strange drinking a savoury meal. That’s why we released Hot & Savoury, to hit that savouriness the Huel range was missing but also make a more traditional food.

Keep the feedback coming guys!!


I was thinking tomato, carrot, celery, parsnip, leek, garlic, mushroom (or a combination).
Maybe with a dash of pepper or chilli. Or peanut?
Gazpacho? Vichyssoise?

I love the sweet flavours, but sweet for breakfast and savoury for lunch would be great for variety. Anything that works as a soup would be good - a nutritionally complete soup powder?! :slight_smile:


I don’t really like cold soup and to me it would be a little like drinking that. I have had shots of amuse-bouche that were a cold celery based thing and really tasty but I wouldn’t drink half a litre of it.

Hot and savoury ticks all the boxes for me for a savoury Huel. And now with all the options there is great variety too.

I’d probably try a cup a soup sort of hot version


I agree cold soup doesn’t sound very appetising. but you’re right hunzas: Huel cup-a-soup made with hot water! That’d be great, if it’s even possible… like an econo alternative to H&S - for those who like savoury flavours, prefer to drink and maybe find H&S a bit pricey. :wink:

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