Savoury Flavours

I’m a big fan of huel and have been using huel for the past year and generally i think it helps me feel great.

However I’m just wondering if any of you hueligans out there like me would love them to try and incorporate some savoury options in to the flavours offered in the white and black powder. How would people feel about tomato juice or a spinach flavour??

Or is it just me am I mad?

there have been several threads over the years on here with people detailing their own savoury conconctions with unflavoured powders as a base. As to there being a mainstream savoury flavour in the powder line up - I would have thought that would be incredibly niche/not commercially viable especially as the Hot & Savoury line exists.

I agree, sometimes I want to have a more savoury powder.
I’ve tried marmite and it’ll take a while to get the quantity right. Will try a stock cube too