200 Kcal scoop

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
Recently I had heard of a new 50 gram / 200kcal scoop. When I first ordered around October I got the 150kcal scoop. I decided to add an extra scoop to my order this month in the hopes it would be a bigger one, but it was actually the same type I already own.
How do I get my hands on the bigger scoop?

I’ll get @coup onto this one. He is scoop monitor.


I already have the larger scoop. My only issue is it has a permanent lid.

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Hi Pawel. If you are counting calories, it is far better to weigh out your Huel powder than relying on a scoop.

That’s cos you are holding it upside down.


Going from a 38g scoop to a 50g one, would make it easier/faster to weigh for ‘bigger’ shakes :slight_smile:
For me, it would mean 3,5scp instead of 4,5scp.

Just use the shaker as the scoop and do it all in one go.

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Might try that one, got different sizes of shakers and use a blender anyway.