2021 Goals

Hi Everyone, we’re been busy!

On the guides and articles we now have 3 sections at the top to help those looking to lose weight, build muscle and eat healthier.

Some of the articles you might have already seen and others are brand spanking new. Check them out or if you see new Hueligans looking for some help please send them over the link.



Thank you for the articles.

The most interesting one to me was “How to control your cravings”. It gave some advice, but unfortunately did not specify HOW to identify the trigger of cravings. Just that one has to identify it. I think that is the key point, and maybe some further advice here specifically would be great.

And yes, there may be ways to “fight” hunger by using substitutes like hot drinks or chewing gum (not mentioned in the article), among other things, but this only works up to some point. If you for example replace meals by hot drinks your perceived satiety will only last for a limited time And afterwards hunger and cravings might be even worse. The same holds for other things like gum. Although the theory and even some studies might suggest otherwise.

Maybe the trick is also to not try any tricks. Just give the body what it needs and “forget” about food and drinks - with the only remaining question on how to forget. Just telling oneself not to think about something will make you think about it automatically - one of the main dilemmas here.

What I have considered several times, though, is using more fibre, for example glucomannan. Do you think this might help against cravings? Some meal replacements even contain this ingredient - have you ever considered using it?

Sorry for writing so much about just one article but this was the one that definitely caught my attention most…

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You don’t need to apologise at all, thank you for giving the articles a read!

I think taking a step back and working out what you’re feeling when cravings arise and what has happened recently can help. But because of the food environment we live in we all get cravings that aren’t down to internal reasons. We give a point in the article which I think helps answer your how question

“Identify what’s causing your cravings – keep a food and feelings diary by jotting down what you eat and when, and how you feel before and afterwards. This may help you identify triggers and problem times of the day, and to recognise if you’re snacking for comfort, boredom or loneliness”

Yeap I agree, but it’s super hard in the world we live in. My tips are you can control the food environment in your home so keep the once in a while treats out of sight, avoid share bags if you’re eating on your own or just don’t have them in the house at all.

Fibre can certainly help with feelings of fullness because they’re big bulky molecules with a low calorie density. I don’t like glucomannan because it comes with some cautions and papers over the cracks of the real cause. Much better to get fibre from whole foods and even then I think there are better fibres out there such as inulin.

That’s great! Love the fact you’ve incorporated both fat loss and muscle gain :slight_smile:

Hope you don’t mind, but I posted the link in the Hueligan Facebook group too, and asked if there’s a way for it to be pinned.

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No problem at all! I’m in that group so if there are any questions I’m happy to jump in. We don’t normally comment in unofficial Facebook groups because it’s nice to hear from other Hueligans without our input sometimes.

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We don’t normally comment in unofficial Facebook groups because it’s nice to hear from other Hueligans without our input sometimes

I know, and it’ll hopefully help those who don’t listen to reason, reach their goals and have their goals be sustainable long term when the information is coming from the horses mouth so to speak.

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