How to Control Your Cravings

We’ve got a new article on cravings:

There’s a little bit on the science and then how to put it into practice.

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Very useful, I would add some tricks or hacks like using curry or adding spices to food as its fills you much better or to Huel U/U.
But my best trick if I want to control my cravings is making a liquid beverage with instant mashed potato (use 1/3 of the recommended amount of the content), add a tea spoon of spicy curry and a little of black pepper, It will fill you with no doubt and its delicious. I drink it normally at dinner.

PS: The curry I use

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That’s one healthy dinner!

It’s interesting you find spices work. Hunger is complex and I don’t think it works for everyone but certainly something to try.

As adventurous as I am with food I just don’t know if I can get behind this. @Tim_Huel can be the Huel guinea pig on this one.

Here are some excuses reasons why I can’t partake

  • Every shop within a 4000 mile radius to me have really unfortunately run out of potatoes
  • I have potnonomicaphobia
  • I am allergic to potatoes, but only when mashed, it’s to do with the protein and insert scientific stuff, ask dan about later
  • I’m currently adopting a lifestyle of anpatata which is where one forgoes all potato varieties as a matter of principle.



Wow, I didnt know that potnonomicaphobia existed.

I feel sorry for you, potatoes are delicious, specially the ones from my region

So you use the water for one full portion of powder mashed potatoes but only one third of the powder, and then spice and drink? Is the water warm or cold?

My initial reaction was “horrified” lol, but once I think about it there really is nothing bad about curried mashed potatoes. I think it’s just the drinking it that throws me - but being used to huel this shouldn’t be an issue!

Its quite simple, Use 50/50 water and milk 300ml and 3 pinches of salt. Then, 2 min aprox in the microwawe, it has to be hot in order to react with the instant mashed potatoes.

After the microwawe I add half of a teaspon of turmeric and half of hot curry, a little of fresh black pepper (but you can add just 1 teaspoon of curry) and then I add the instant mashed potatoes (I would say 1 soup spoo. The texture has to be like a very light Huel or a chocolate milkshake), mix all with a spoon and let it rest for 5 mins because it will be very hot.

Its delicious, very healthy and fills me a lot

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Thank you!

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Let us know if it reduces your appetite

Really, powdered potato?

I use instant potato with no additives or preservatives so despite its very processed, I consider the mix healthy or sort of.

But find a good brand, most of the cheap instant potatos have a lot of additives and most of them are dangerous

Easy enough to microwave a chopped up real potato (with or without peel, I leave mine on) and blitz it up with some milk.

Why does it need to be liquidised? Why not just eat a potato?


Chew our own food? Like a horse? Ridiculous.


The audacity CHEW MY OWN FOOD!

What i if I break a tooth?