Day 3

I’ve been really good. Like, killing people off with my Huel farts, being really strict with not snacking because I’m actually really full. But this evening I am STARVING. :weary:

How do I make it stop!?

Drink something. Do something to distract yourself. If all else fails, have a snack as a one-off.

I have bananas in as a snack if I am hungry in the evening and drink water.

Heroin takes the edge off.

:joy::joy::joy: what!? Nothing illegal now :joy::joy:

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Personally I think it’s okay to allow yourself an extra small meal if you’re really really struggling. As long as it’s not every day. And as long as you don’t turn it into a binge.
A small, healthy 200-400 calorie meal may make you feel much better and then allow you to maintain your deficit more easily for the next few days.
If you really want to stick to your deficit then distract yourself!
Personally I find being active the best way to ignore hunger - clean, go for a walk, so some artwork… that kinda thing… whatever helps you personally. Watching tv is probably the worst thing to do - I always feel hungry when I’m sitting doing nothing