20Kg gone

I have startet my diet 05.12.2016, with a product called “Almased”.
At that moment, i did not know anything about HUEL, so my Diest was 7 Days Almased only…
during that time i took notice of a article in Facebook about HUEL and i decided to give it a try.

ten days later, i continued my diet, with 2 x Almased ( morning/evening ) and one meal 125g HUEL…

January 17, i decided to go 100% HUEL and i am still on 100% 2 months later.

100% Huel means !00% ( 2000 cal/day )… no Alcohol, nothing else… only water.

My diet startet with a bodyweight of 125Kg!

My weight 24.02.2017 = 105Kg!

i never had the feeling, that i was missing something.

2 weeks ago i startet with nordic walking, did not do any sport until then


20KG in 3 months on 2000 calories a day? Something isn’t right there. Perhaps you dropped a lot of water weight or your exercise is putting you into a much greater deficit than you think?

Here is some crude maths.

20kg is 44lbs. 1lb of fat is crudely 3500 kcals. So to lose 44lb you would need a calorie deficit of 154,000 kclasm divided by 90 days is 1711 a day deficit.

@Helge weighed 125kg (may I ask your age and height please?)

So at 6’ foot, 5’ 10’’, 35 years old, light active, he would need 3075 kcals per day. So at 2000 kcals that is a deficit of 1075, which over 90 days should product a loss of 27lbs approx. Clearly these numbers are just ballpark, so lets assume they are 20% out, that would means 32lbs lost, plus some water weight say 7lbs and we are at 39lbs so pretty lose the 44lbs.

Hi Julian, my age is 50 and my hight is 185cm.
please notice, that i was on lower cal. for 1and1/2 months bevor…( 600cal Almased + 500cal HUEL ), ( 900cal Almased/day only for 7 days )
When i startet to use HUEL, i was on about 118KG

@GTIPuG , please read, bevor you calculate :grin:

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That explains it a bit more toward what I was thinking. 1,100 calories is a huge deficit for most people!

Nonetheless, congrats on the loss.

Congratulations. That’s an impressive drop in mass.

Please make sure you start eating more food when you reach whatever your goal weight is :wink:

Well done! I’m not dissimilar, 180cm, 47 yrs old, was 126kgs 5 weeks ago, I’m aiming for 1200-1500 calories in a day which is 1000-1500 deficit depending on my activity. 6 kgs lost so far in 5 weeks